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Added a video from my youtube page now.

Quick update.  I added a new youtube page and threw up one of my scenes from The Beast that made it on tv. 

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My own 1/6 scale Hot Toys action figure?????

What started out as a joke between a few friends actually may become reality.  If you seen how detailed the HK company Hot Toys has made a line of 1/6 action figures for a certain movie I was involved in, you may have an idea where this is going.   Also teasers for a new figure by them began showing a few weeks back.  I'll update on this when I have more info from them and people helping me make this happen.   I never thought something like this would be possible but now I am pursuing it with some help from so...Read more

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So I was trying to get killed by Michael Meyers.....

One of the things I was working on about a month or so ago was trying to get on a new and very cool movie. I don't make resolutions on new years but I did resolve to pursue the film gigs this year pretty hard. Even if it means I have to travel somewhere else to work on it.

Then I found out Rob Zombie was going to film Halloween 2 this year in Georgia. So I found this casting notice on a website:

[DEPUTY FRED KING] A male of any ethnicity, 20s - 50s, a small town cop who may be a bit c...Read more

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Remember that little film I worked on with Johnny Depp last summer.....

It was called Public Enemies and the trailer just finally dropped.  I put in 5 weeks working on various scenes and one of the coolest, the bank robbery, takes up some parts of the trailer.


I was a hostage during the robber and was standing next to the guy who did the scene with Depp about the money and to put it away.   I have lots more stories from the set that I'll write about more in the future.

Also I am putting up a album with some of my pics from...Read more

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My first project of 2009 is......


A film called Couples Retreat.  It's a new comedy that features Vince Vaugh, Kristin Bell, Jon Faverau, Jean Reno, and alot of other people.   I'll be cast as a traveller in a scene at O'Hare airport and I was told to bring luggage and my car.  Filming is all day Saturday in Chicago.  

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新年快乐, kung hei fat choi

Sorry it's a little late but.....Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends on here!!!

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If I was in Japan today.....

I could have worked on a film as an elite businessman!!!!!

I'll be better prepared next time and hopefully I won't get such a short notice too.....

This is great though because it shows me I can be welcome to work in the Japan film industry and it's also like a dream come true!!!!    Now I also got to work on going to HK to work on a film next!!!

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This week is keeping me busy!

This week became very busy a few weeks back.  It is good sign of hopefully things to come and it's what I wanted to accomplish this year

*  Sunday--I had the gig in Japan thrown out to me.  Once again, something I really wanted to do but just did not get a long enough notice.

*  Wednesday--I have the first of a 3 part writing workshop with a local Chicagoland author/publisher.  I have been stuck in a rut with writing lately and haven't put a chapter together in months.  I also have no idea how to end the ...Read more

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あけました おめでとう ございます!! (^∀^)/ Happy New Years Everyone!!

あけました おめでとう ございます !!!   Happy New Years!!   I hope everyone no matter where in the world you are has a fun and safe New Years Eve!!!

Hopefully everyone has a much more prosperous 2009.  2008 was a good year for me, it was a bit slow in the projects department.   Although being hand picked by director Michael Mann to be in his movie and working with Johnny Depp were a huge highlight.  Also working with Christian Bale for the 2nd summer in a row in Chicago was a biggie too.

So far what ...Read more

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Maybe working on a small indie movie in Feb.

I got a text the other day about a small indie movie shooting in Chicago in Feb.  I am going to try out for a spot as an electronics store manager.  I have some real world experience with that working for several electronics stores in Chicago and most recently for The Seiyuu's USA branch.  If it fails I'll still try to get on as a extra during that scene or another.  I'm excited for it's possibly my 1st film for 2009.  Wish me luck!!

Also excited for the release of Eagle Eye on DVD this wee...Read more

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