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How I spent my weekend.

Last weekend was a very busy one for me.    And the crazy thing was, every project just fell in my lap on Wednesday and Thursday night.   Weekends are off days for The Chicago Code so I am always looking for projects to fill the void on weekends.   I am lining up many things now that should fill the void when most productions break for the winter season.   I am looking forward to some sort of break but this business of acting and producing films and tv is in my blood it's really hard to shake.


Friday I went in for another promo shoot for Predators Game.   PG is scheduled to be shot in Chicago in Spring 2011 but they have started to make some promo teasers for investor relations and they have been fun to put together.   Real Chicago police are advising and involved in set decoration.   The tagline for this movie is pretty good too.  The perfect crime needs the perfect

victim.   He we staged another crime scene with a dead girl found in an alley.

Most of the guys working with us I also work with on Chicago Code.

My friend Peter made Sgt. on here

Properly dressed for the scene

One of the cops taught me some proper police techniques in some of the down town which I got some nice pics out of too.

Kicking in doors is fun!!!

More shoots to come.   I can also post up some more pics and info about the movie if anyone is interested.   I missed a few shots due to commercial shoots and short film shoots but I am glad to be a part of it.


The rest of the weekend was a 2 day stint on a short film for Columbia College Chicago.   The production is a big deal as it involves the best people from all class categories brought in to finish a film.  We also shot on the beautiful RED-ONE digital camera.  For mostly being seniors film students, they were more organized and professional than some major Hollywood productions I have been on as of late.  I only got a few pics with my "boss" and fellow goon.

Tom Kosik   and Joe Mazurk  (both Public Enemies and too many others to list)

They could not provide us with the proper directors style chairs but these will do.   We only had a few small lines and a short appearance in the movie but they treated us like we were the main actors!

A cool sign showcasing my favourite baseball team.

After wrap after 11 PM on Sunday night.  They rented us that Lincoln Town car for us to use as our escape vehicle after an arms deal.   We throw the bags of guns in the back, hop in and I got to be the driver so I did a few takes where I peeled out of there fast!!   Overall a fun and fulfilling weekend!

People from the production will have more photos available soon and they said they will send us some we took.   I blog about that when I get them.    The website for the film is here:


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ha ha, is that proper police technique?
almost 10 years ago
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do they let you take the uniform home between shooting days?
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