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A Few Quick Videos from the Public Enemies Red Carpet

Heres a couple of quick videos from the local news channels on the Public Enemies premiere in Chicago last night.  They had old cars out in front of the theater and some people were waiting since 4 AM to get a glimpse of Johnny Depp.  The huge after party was held at a art center tied to the building the theater was in.



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Nightmare on Elm Street Update

Hey everyone.   I thought this week was going to be kind of slow but that has not been the case.  I got called into the studio where Nightmare on Elm Street is filming for a casting session.   I am now up for the role of a bookstore clerk.  They took a bunch of new photos of me looking like a much younger clerk you would see in a chain bookstore.  The director has to approve me.  It looks like I maybe up for doing a few lines with the girl playing Nancy if I get it.  Filming would be next Monday.


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My week got busy!!

Hey everyone.   I am resting up a bit after my long weekend.  I spent 2 days working on my first real indie movie.  We filmed some concert scenes and I had a blast.  It was cool to see how they can achieve shots and things on such a short budget.  I worked on a few @$200 million US dollar budget films so going to a micro budget and seeing how they achieve it was cool.   It definitely gave me insight for filming future projects of my own one day.  I have a few pics to put up from there later. 

A few other tidbits:

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Indie Film Shoot All Weekend!

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Public Eneimes Day 0

Well I did get the call back for being in Public Enemies about a week later.   I was going to be in the Aragon Ballroom dance scene.   About a week before the shoot I would have to come into the wardrobe office and get fitted for a period piece suit and haircut.  At the time I still had the mustache even though Formosa Betrayed was long gone. 

I arrived at the office which looked kind of a mess.  There were racks of clothing everywhere.  Shoes stacked up over the edges of the boxes they were put into.  Hats everywhere.   I mean ...Read more

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Casting Day For Public Enemies!

 Last spring I had went out for being in Public Enemies, a new film by director Michael Mann about the true life story of the notorious bank robber and gangster, John Dillinger.   Johnny Depp is playing Dillinger and Christian Bale was back for the 2nd summer in a row in Chicago playing the FBI agent hunting him.  The film was set in the 1930s and Mann was very set on using the actual locations throughout Chicago.    He also went all over Wisconsin and Indiana for the rest of the filming.   I missed out when filming started ba...Read more

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The 48 Hour Film Project

I just stumbled upon something really cool.

There is this little thing going on at the end of July in Chicago called the 48 Hour Film Project.   You get together with a team and you have 48 hours over the course of a weekend to write, shoot, edit, and score a short film.  I am trying out for one of the Chicago teams.   This is a world wide thing too with things happening all over the world.  There are some cool prizes such as a HD Panasonic camera, script-writing software, and other goodies including heavily discounted music ...Read more

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Countdown to Public Enemies

We are less than a month out for the US opening of Michal Mann's Public Enemies.  I spent 5 weeks working on that last summer with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale.  Now that we are so close I will post blog entries about how filming was and what were the scenes I worked on.  I know alot of people want to read about how it is being on set with Mr. Depp.  Those stories will be coming soon.  Stay tuned!

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Back on track!

Hey all!   Sorry I have been a bit busy the past few weeks.  Heres some of what I have been up to.

I was totally sick almost all week.  I had a 101.2 F temp fever, sore throat, and bad cough.  I still have a bad cough.

A double whammy of that plus a sprained ankle.  Thats pretty much healed up.  I used some kind of tiger oil my ex-gf got me out in HK.  The stuff is amazing.  NEVER EVER doubt the healing capabilities of Chinese medicine!!!

I am having a bit of a nightmare (no pun intended) with filming on Nightmare on El...Read more

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Mystery Photos!!

What could these pics be from???   Hmmm....

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