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The Chicago Code Now Airing!!!

Hey everyone!!!

It's been a while since I been on here.  Things have been going great!!    I've been working on a few small things at the moment.   A couple of them, I can not even talk about.   According to the agreement, I'll be able to talk about it after it airs.  

In the meantime, The Chicago Code has finally started airing!   We had our big TV debut on Fox a few weeks back on Feb 7th.    While anyone who is watching it loves it, the ratings have not been too great.  We placed 3rd each week.  The critics have rated it the best new show of the mid season including our arch enemies, New York!    I'll try to find some time in the next few days to upload all the pics I have from the red carpet debut Fox threw for us.  Episode 4 is coming next week and so far one of my speaking parts was cut from the second episode.  I have one more to hope makes it in.  

We are currently airing on Monday nights on Fox in the US and Global TV in Canada.  Later in May we will air under the title Ride Along in the UK and summer in Australia.  When I hear about any Asia territory airings, I'll post about it here.

They went all out and hired Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins to sing the opening theme.


I was hoping for a bit of a break coming up but it doesn't look like that will be happening.  I was just contacted earlier today about working potentially on a new pilot for NBC next month.   It's called The Playboy Club.  It's set in the 60's in the Playboy Club out of Chicago and is done by the people from Mad Men. If I get on it, I'll be working all 13 days of the shoot.   And I'm supposed to go to police training for The Chicago Code too in case we come back for season 2.  Hope everyone has been doing good and having a prosperous year of the rabbit!!!

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Sweet! 3rd is not bad!
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I'll have to ask my family back in the US to DVR it for me. Good luck with the new pilot. That sounds like it could be all kinds of awesome!
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