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Transformers 4: Chicago becomes Hong Kong

Or "Kong Hong" as they had the characters reversed on somethings.  It took the Chinese actors on set to point that out!   lol

Transformers Age of Extinction rolled into town and I have been busy as hell.   Add to the 5 other shows shooting in Chicago, and I am feeling it but loving every minute of it.  Due to agreements I have signed I really can't...Read more

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Dhoom : 3 Motion Poster Release

Last fall I got the chance to work on big Bollywood production called Dhoom 3.  It is one of India's highest grossing film series ever.  I had a real blast working on it and had 2 small scenes working with Aamir Khan.  The film was mostly shot in Chicago and it comes out around Christmas.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQRHtzSxIJ0&feature=youtube_gdata_player

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Hired on to direct short films based on the Persona game series!

One big thing that has me super excited is  I've been hired to direct several live action short films based on the video game series from Japan.   These are really low budget fan films which we are hoping to expand maybe into a larger project.   I did some minor assistant directing before  and did a small industrial so this is my first big directing project.

Right now I'm having a lot of fun designing the character looks and feel of the world.  The writer sent me a bible on the ...Read more

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Hello again everyone!!!

It's been ages since I've been on here.   Last year was a really rough year for me emotionally and it took me a long time to recover, still not as bad as the events that caused me to leave Hong Kong but right up there.

The year started out great but took a downturn mid way through.  I had to bury two good friends of mine, a childhood  one and one from after high school.   I also had a break in and most of my possessions related to film work were stolen.  My laptop and back up drive were also stolen.  I lost tons of pic...Read more

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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas celebration with their friends and family.   I had an enjoyable little break.  

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcmfCXwAFs4

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This year has been incredible!!!!

Hey everyone on here!!    Hope everyone has been doing good and having a great holiday season.

I am about ready to leave to what will probably be my last acting gig for 2011!!!   I really need a break after this honestly.  It's been some sleepless weeks but I can not complain, I have enjoyed the ride.  

The last few months have been hectic but brought lots of great new experiences and roles to me.   I did not get on the Superman movie while it was here.  Not even as an extra.  One of my major regrets but...Read more

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Daewoo Alpheon Commercial for S. Korea Markets

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to work on a GM / Daewoo car commercial.  But it's only for the air waves in S. Korea,   Still, I wanted to take the gig and went and worked on it.  The first part of the commercial was filmed on a stage in Chicago's legendary Aire Crowne Theatere.   I got to work with many of my friends from the Chicago Code again which was great to see them all again.

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5 years gone......

September 11 is a day that will never be forgotten.  To many people around the world who lost loved ones in those towers, it is a horrible day to go through every year.   This year being the 10th anniversary and earlier in the year, Osama Bin Laden was taken out in a hunt that lasted nearly a decade.   The day will forever be marked in sadness.

Sept. 11 is also a sad day for me for other reasons.  It's rather small compared to what people lost in those attacks but it bothers me on a personal level.  This was the day I had to le...Read more

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Superman:Man Of Steel Smallville Set Pics Part 1

Hey everyone!!!    I was having a great week but a kidney stone that popped put of nowhere ended that.  I have to take a few days off but I do plan on finishing a movie up on Sunday regardless of how bad I feel.   Anyway, Chicago or Illinois in general has been host to many films over the years.  4 years ago we got major interest when Chicago was transformed into Gotham City for the summer.   This year was leading up to repeating that but now Gotham has moved on to Pittsburgh.  Many of us were furious about th...Read more

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Something I've wanted for 4 years now

Hope everyone is doing great!!!    It's been a hectic few weeks again.  Last week I had a 71 hour work week with 30 of those hours spent in 2 days working on the set of The Playboy Club for NBC.  Lots of reshoots on the pilot and I worked on a small scene for the second episode.   This week got busy again which made it seem like a never ending work week!!!     Over the course of the previous week, I managed to get something i wanted for about 4 years now!!

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