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Transformers 4: Chicago becomes Hong Kong

Or "Kong Hong" as they had the characters reversed on somethings.  It took the Chinese actors on set to point that out!   lol

Transformers Age of Extinction rolled into town and I have been busy as hell.   Add to the 5 other shows shooting in Chicago, and I am feeling it but loving every minute of it.  Due to agreements I have signed I really can't say anything about it except for the fact that I have worked on it.  I will say this, it was one of the most physically demanding things I have done so far but it's also probably the most fun I've had on a movie set yet.

There is parts of the movie that take place in HK but they are using locations here and in Detroit for them.  Not exactly sure what is next for them but they are coming there next after filming wraps here.  Hopefully HK is ready!!!

Some of the HK sets

Then there's this place

And it wouldn't be a Michael Bay movie with out this...

I'll post a follow up next year when it comes out but I will be sad when filming ends in a few weeks.   Hopefully some AnDers get on when it comes there next month!!

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Dhoom : 3 Motion Poster Release

Last fall I got the chance to work on big Bollywood production called Dhoom 3.  It is one of India's highest grossing film series ever.  I had a real blast working on it and had 2 small scenes working with Aamir Khan.  The film was mostly shot in Chicago and it comes out around Christmas.


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Hired on to direct short films based on the Persona game series!

One big thing that has me super excited is  I've been hired to direct several live action short films based on the video game series from Japan.   These are really low budget fan films which we are hoping to expand maybe into a larger project.   I did some minor assistant directing before  and did a small industrial so this is my first big directing project.

Right now I'm having a lot of fun designing the character looks and feel of the world.  The writer sent me a bible on the world. I'm also replaying the games to get a better handle on the world.   If you aren't familiar, the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona games are mainly rpg based and deal with dark occult themes.  The first part will be a Velvet Room scene with Igor.    I'll post some of the sketches on here in the upcoming weeks,

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Hello again everyone!!!

It's been ages since I've been on here.   Last year was a really rough year for me emotionally and it took me a long time to recover, still not as bad as the events that caused me to leave Hong Kong but right up there.

The year started out great but took a downturn mid way through.  I had to bury two good friends of mine, a childhood  one and one from after high school.   I also had a break in and most of my possessions related to film work were stolen.  My laptop and back up drive were also stolen.  I lost tons of pics from over the years, including lots of my film work ones.   I lost most of the films I worked on including some signed copies of thing by the other actors I worked with.  Also gone was 70% of my novel which was there and one the back up.  I've only recovered some chapters which were in emails but that's it.

Despite my state I did work on a few projects and that really helped,   I'll have to update some posts on things I've worked on recently.  I'm ok now and looking forward to the future and a busy fall for the new tv season plus Transformers 4 is coming to Chicago next week.

Hope everyone is doing good and having success with their projects and business!!


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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas celebration with their friends and family.   I had an enjoyable little break.  


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This year has been incredible!!!!

Hey everyone on here!!    Hope everyone has been doing good and having a great holiday season.

I am about ready to leave to what will probably be my last acting gig for 2011!!!   I really need a break after this honestly.  It's been some sleepless weeks but I can not complain, I have enjoyed the ride.  

The last few months have been hectic but brought lots of great new experiences and roles to me.   I did not get on the Superman movie while it was here.  Not even as an extra.  One of my major regrets but I've had plenty of others to keep me busy.

One of the major gigs I've had recently was for a department store chain's major Christmas promotion.  I was brought in last minute to replace a guy who dropped out but it was great experience for me.   I worked on a action movie with a big battle scene and learned the ins and outs of stunt work.

The promo is here:

I don't know if you can view it in your location where ever you may be, but let me know.  It's a fun little interactive game of sorts and it was my first time I have shot in a 360 degree environment.  I'll blog more about it when I am on break.

I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to catch up with many of you soon.  I have many cool things to show!!  Have a great rest of the week.

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Daewoo Alpheon Commercial for S. Korea Markets

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to work on a GM / Daewoo car commercial.  But it's only for the air waves in S. Korea,   Still, I wanted to take the gig and went and worked on it.  The first part of the commercial was filmed on a stage in Chicago's legendary Aire Crowne Theatere.   I got to work with many of my friends from the Chicago Code again which was great to see them all again.

Here with Spiro who played a detective on TCC with me many times.

The group in from Korea shot footage of the car all over Chicago for a week.   They spent most of the Saturday after shooting on Michigan Ave.

They also shot quite a bit in front of Hotel 71 which was also featured quite a bit on Transformers 3 and The Dark Knight.

A close up look at the car.   I thought it was pretty sweet!!

So I'll have to keep my eyes peeled in the next few months on youtube to see if it pops up.  I was on the steps of the Hotel 71 on my mobile with only about 4 other people when the car stops in front of us.

After the shoot, I went and check out the new Marilyn Monroe statue which was right nearby.

And after the shoot, I enjoyed a cream puff from the only Beard Papa's in Chicago and maybe the midwest!!!

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5 years gone......

September 11 is a day that will never be forgotten.  To many people around the world who lost loved ones in those towers, it is a horrible day to go through every year.   This year being the 10th anniversary and earlier in the year, Osama Bin Laden was taken out in a hunt that lasted nearly a decade.   The day will forever be marked in sadness.

Sept. 11 is also a sad day for me for other reasons.  It's rather small compared to what people lost in those attacks but it bothers me on a personal level.  This was the day I had to leave my life behind in Hong Kong and move back to the US and pretty much start over with almost nothing.  I originally moved into HK on 9/2/05 in the Yuen Long then to the Tin Shui Wai area,   I had big plans to execute over there and was in the start up of a new business venture.   First it was going to be a Japanese toy and cute item shop but after seeing 1000s of them, back to the drawing board.   My business partner and I settled on a two fold plan.  He wanted to start up a designer clothing line, I wanted to open a cafe.  We met in the middle which would have had the cafe and a little store front that would sell the limited runs of clothing and hats at a counter.   I wound up teaching english to little kids in the meantime.  Life was great and enjoyable everyday, I made a great group of new friends and had a really great girlfriend.

Then everything fell apart.

Nearly $234,000 HKD disappeared from the business account and I was reduced to living on the streets and parks and my amazing girlfriend left shortly thereafter.   I had to go to the US Consulate and have them buy me a plane ticket back to the US. Sept 11 2006 was the date they flew me back.  I lost most of clothing due to mold growing on it and having to throw away a bunch more at the airport to get my bag to weigh less to board the plane.   And I came back to the US homeless again and trying to work and get my life back.   I was miserable for about a whole year til I found an exciting new thing in life.   It opened a lot of doors for me and I have been following that path since! 

9/11 marked the end of my life in Hong Kong but it won't be the last time I visit there by no means. 

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Superman:Man Of Steel Smallville Set Pics Part 1

Hey everyone!!!    I was having a great week but a kidney stone that popped put of nowhere ended that.  I have to take a few days off but I do plan on finishing a movie up on Sunday regardless of how bad I feel.   Anyway, Chicago or Illinois in general has been host to many films over the years.  4 years ago we got major interest when Chicago was transformed into Gotham City for the summer.   This year was leading up to repeating that but now Gotham has moved on to Pittsburgh.  Many of us were furious about the decision but Warner Bros. had good reason, Chicago is now home to Metropolis!!!!!    We do have taller buildings than Pittsburgh and it's not bad cause now we have potentially 2 more films to come here versus the last Batman one so I am excited for future work!!

Next month the production will move into Chicago and transform it into Metropolis but for now the origin of Superman is taking place in a small farm town about a 2 hour drive outside Chicago.   The new "Smallville" is being rocked as I type this with a tornado having been recreated and some more explosions in the upcoming weeks.    Christopher Nolan from Dark Knight and Inception did the panning and producing of the film.  Zack Snyder from 300, Watchmen, and Suckerpunch is directing.   He usually relies more on green screen but Nolan has forced him to film using more real techniques.  I'll explain some in the pics.  

 Nolan meanwhile is doing some amazing work on Dark Knight RIses.  If you seen the pics that have surfaced, it's insane.  Batman has a jet which is mounted on a truck and it's actually driving around chasing a convoy through out the town and through a tunnel.  He has also blown up a football field too!!    On to the pics:

The first time I visited the set:

The glamorous side of making movies exposed!!!    These were some behind the building shots of the main street of the town.

This building is interesting.  It was just thrown up there.  You can see the trees right behind the windows they built around.   I thought it was unfinished but then it was still unfinished later on.  Was figuring it would be due to tornado damage.  As of a few hours ago, a plane wing is sticking out of it now!!!!

Cranes and lifts used for more construction.

This little gas station went up and has since been finished.   It's a very famous convenience store through out Hong Kong.  Can you guess what it is???    Also don't get too attached to it, it will be blown up next week!!!!

Behind the building.  Look at all those storage crates!

Not part of the set, just a few feet away!

You can see the whole town has gone Superman crazy despite the film using the fake name of August Frost.

This is the Kent Farm.  It's actually 20 minutes away from the set.   Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are playing Jonathon and Martha Kent!

And if you haven't seen this, this is the new Superman costume!!!   It has a totally updated feel like the way Batman got in Batman Begins.   Enjoy the pics, more to come soon!!

I haven't had the chance to work on this as of writing.  I put in for some small parts but no clue if I got it.  I also contacted the extras casting people cause I will gladly do that too!!   I may have to wait til the get to Metropolis though.   Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Something I've wanted for 4 years now

Hope everyone is doing great!!!    It's been a hectic few weeks again.  Last week I had a 71 hour work week with 30 of those hours spent in 2 days working on the set of The Playboy Club for NBC.  Lots of reshoots on the pilot and I worked on a small scene for the second episode.   This week got busy again which made it seem like a never ending work week!!!     Over the course of the previous week, I managed to get something i wanted for about 4 years now!!

It's a real metal replica of one of the prop badges from The Dark Knight.  It's even better than the one Warner Bros. had for me to wear on set.  The director of the 48 Hr Film Project entry we had this year gets these custom made.  I own a lot of cool props and things related to that movie but this has become probably my favorite piece of the bunch!!!!!

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