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Superman:Man Of Steel Smallville Set Pics Part 1

Hey everyone!!!    I was having a great week but a kidney stone that popped put of nowhere ended that.  I have to take a few days off but I do plan on finishing a movie up on Sunday regardless of how bad I feel.   Anyway, Chicago or Illinois in general has been host to many films over the years.  4 years ago we got major interest when Chicago was transformed into Gotham City for the summer.   This year was leading up to repeating that but now Gotham has moved on to Pittsburgh.  Many of us were furious about the decision but Warner Bros. had good reason, Chicago is now home to Metropolis!!!!!    We do have taller buildings than Pittsburgh and it's not bad cause now we have potentially 2 more films to come here versus the last Batman one so I am excited for future work!!

Next month the production will move into Chicago and transform it into Metropolis but for now the origin of Superman is taking place in a small farm town about a 2 hour drive outside Chicago.   The new "Smallville" is being rocked as I type this with a tornado having been recreated and some more explosions in the upcoming weeks.    Christopher Nolan from Dark Knight and Inception did the panning and producing of the film.  Zack Snyder from 300, Watchmen, and Suckerpunch is directing.   He usually relies more on green screen but Nolan has forced him to film using more real techniques.  I'll explain some in the pics.  

 Nolan meanwhile is doing some amazing work on Dark Knight RIses.  If you seen the pics that have surfaced, it's insane.  Batman has a jet which is mounted on a truck and it's actually driving around chasing a convoy through out the town and through a tunnel.  He has also blown up a football field too!!    On to the pics:

The first time I visited the set:

The glamorous side of making movies exposed!!!    These were some behind the building shots of the main street of the town.

This building is interesting.  It was just thrown up there.  You can see the trees right behind the windows they built around.   I thought it was unfinished but then it was still unfinished later on.  Was figuring it would be due to tornado damage.  As of a few hours ago, a plane wing is sticking out of it now!!!!

Cranes and lifts used for more construction.

This little gas station went up and has since been finished.   It's a very famous convenience store through out Hong Kong.  Can you guess what it is???    Also don't get too attached to it, it will be blown up next week!!!!

Behind the building.  Look at all those storage crates!

Not part of the set, just a few feet away!

You can see the whole town has gone Superman crazy despite the film using the fake name of August Frost.

This is the Kent Farm.  It's actually 20 minutes away from the set.   Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are playing Jonathon and Martha Kent!

And if you haven't seen this, this is the new Superman costume!!!   It has a totally updated feel like the way Batman got in Batman Begins.   Enjoy the pics, more to come soon!!

I haven't had the chance to work on this as of writing.  I put in for some small parts but no clue if I got it.  I also contacted the extras casting people cause I will gladly do that too!!   I may have to wait til the get to Metropolis though.   Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hmm, he looks ... old for superman.
almost 9 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
ha ha, that\'s a good way to make sure you don\'t get your store in any shots... it reminds me when they were filming \'Dark Knight\' in Hong Kong some guy brought his kid wearing a Batman shirt. the PA had to ask them to move out of one of the shots.
almost 9 years ago
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wow, built all that? is it fake brick?
almost 9 years ago



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