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Hello again everyone!!!

It's been ages since I've been on here.   Last year was a really rough year for me emotionally and it took me a long time to recover, still not as bad as the events that caused me to leave Hong Kong but right up there.

The year started out great but took a downturn mid way through.  I had to bury two good friends of mine, a childhood  one and one from after high school.   I also had a break in and most of my possessions related to film work were stolen.  My laptop and back up drive were also stolen.  I lost tons of pics from over the years, including lots of my film work ones.   I lost most of the films I worked on including some signed copies of thing by the other actors I worked with.  Also gone was 70% of my novel which was there and one the back up.  I've only recovered some chapters which were in emails but that's it.

Despite my state I did work on a few projects and that really helped,   I'll have to update some posts on things I've worked on recently.  I'm ok now and looking forward to the future and a busy fall for the new tv season plus Transformers 4 is coming to Chicago next week.

Hope everyone is doing good and having success with their projects and business!!


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All the Best Dan. Bad thing will over as time passes. Cheers..
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