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Daewoo Alpheon Commercial for S. Korea Markets

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to work on a GM / Daewoo car commercial.  But it's only for the air waves in S. Korea,   Still, I wanted to take the gig and went and worked on it.  The first part of the commercial was filmed on a stage in Chicago's legendary Aire Crowne Theatere.   I got to work with many of my friends from the Chicago Code again which was great to see them all again.

Here with Spiro who played a detective on TCC with me many times.

The group in from Korea shot footage of the car all over Chicago for a week.   They spent most of the Saturday after shooting on Michigan Ave.

They also shot quite a bit in front of Hotel 71 which was also featured quite a bit on Transformers 3 and The Dark Knight.

A close up look at the car.   I thought it was pretty sweet!!

So I'll have to keep my eyes peeled in the next few months on youtube to see if it pops up.  I was on the steps of the Hotel 71 on my mobile with only about 4 other people when the car stops in front of us.

After the shoot, I went and check out the new Marilyn Monroe statue which was right nearby.

And after the shoot, I enjoyed a cream puff from the only Beard Papa's in Chicago and maybe the midwest!!!

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wow, what a rig!
almost 9 years ago
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you're going to be a big star in Korea... you won't be able to walk 5 feet without someone recognizing you. ;-)
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