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Something I've wanted for 4 years now

Hope everyone is doing great!!!    It's been a hectic few weeks again.  Last week I had a 71 hour work week with 30 of those hours spent in 2 days working on the set of The Playboy Club for NBC.  Lots of reshoots on the pilot and I worked on a small scene for the second episode.   This week got busy again which made it seem like a never ending work week!!!     Over the course of the previous week, I managed to get something i wanted for about 4 years now!!

It's a real metal replica of one of the prop badges from The Dark Knight.  It's even better than the one Warner Bros. had for me to wear on set.  The director of the 48 Hr Film Project entry we had this year gets these custom made.  I own a lot of cool props and things related to that movie but this has become probably my favorite piece of the bunch!!!!!

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That just looks like the coolest thing ever carry around for a conversation starter. Yeah!
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