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I'm Back But I'm Not Sure If M Is...

I'm back, bitches...i know you missed me.

During this time away, I was reflecting, making hit songs, scoring a movie, traveling and most recently, in the hospital, getting a drip cause I fell sick and the doctor seems to think it was cause I STOPPED working..pause.. STOPPED working.

I'm back. Life is awesome. I mean it. I'm back for the third time this year and this time it feels right.

But...is M back?

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I Think I'm Ready To Make An Album

i've decided that I will record an album. The difference is, I don't feel i need a label cause they usually fund the production and of course marketing.I am not joking. I don't care. I got nothing to loose. I've been producing for ten years. I got a nice healthy resume and a long list of clients...including the late John Lennon and Yoko Ono.....but I don't have an album to my name.I am a producer/songwriter/arranger....so all i got to do is convince one of my mentors to record me in his studio cause ...Read more

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The Talented Don M

In my years of making music, I have never taken the responsibility to help groom a producer. Only artist. But over a year ago, I met a talented young man named Don M. He took the faith in me and signed with ChynaHouse, the cool little boutique label that I work for. So i've been working with homeboy and in a year, he has done arrangements and even production for a Sony BMG artist and even Disney.I got into Singapore last night and I got reminded of how beautiful th...Read more

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Luck, Bad Times, Hugs, Kisses, Shitty Days and a Hot Chic.

For the last two years, I have been bogged down by a series of bad luck in my work.

It was just the coincidence of a series of unfortunate events, it was the inability to break out a mental space that I was manifesting repeatedly. It was not the coolest place to be for almost 30 months but..since early August..and a visit to a kind man a little out of Taipei has left me in an unexpected place.

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LA LA or L.A L.A :) :P :}

Does Alive Not Dead and Reef Check wanna take you or me to Los Angeles? On my screen it says you, which is me but it is the same you that you may regard as me. Not me me but the me that's you. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

It's 519am , sun's half up. been so overwhelmed still but this new breathe of life...

I wonder if Jigga's up gettin the paper and if Gotti's still..snoring...

Till tomorrow, sports fans...

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Key Note Speech : I Will Leave You Better Than Before I Came

My name is Terence Leong. Some know me as terrytyelee. Tye being my middle name.

For many weeks, I have battled with many things in my life, doubt about my work, where I'm out or for that matter of fact,  how I had fallen so far from where I was in 2006, then only 4 years into what was starting out to be a successful career in the Asian music industry.

I even debated quitting.

That year, I thought I lost pretty much all but Read more

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Things That Make Me Go...Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Are those Strawberry's Real?


So Melody the very talent first lady of Machi and an extremely wonderful singer/songwriter was talking to me about her pencil sketches.

Then I saw them....

If you go to Mel's blog, you'll see some beautiful color pencil work..

A bunch of Strawberries look like this..

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a great moment in chatting on MSN..

I thank my friend who sent me this emoticon. Thank you, my friend, you know who you are.

The Dove

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My Wishes For You Today

If you're reading this blog this morning, I wish you peace, love, big f---in smiles, confidence, safe passage...and a BIG PINK ELEPHANT trunk...everytime you decide to read a book on Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin...


The Dove..


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take a picture, snap....

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