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dove shack-a-lackin' 2008

life is great.except for a few bumps along the road with close "associates"...which I hope they don't think it personal but it is the time I need to be on my own to ponder the future as the present clearly had not worked...it's nothing personal...it's just business.my vision is clearer now that I have taken this darkness that has plagued me since 06. i am not saying that all was evil but there was nothing good about those years. some turned on me. some made me think it was me who caused it. some made use of this to be my friend. some did this and many did that. i know who I can trust now in my life. and above all, i know who i can trust with what. too many people have tried to help me but the truth is my spirit is centered around the idea of "let me help you to...". I just rarely say it.  people try to tell me too many ways to see or do one simple thing.i don't blame nobody cause nobody can be blamed for my life's course.but life is great. 

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