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on the way to greatness..and just pure flyness

I put an intention out today-"i have the most off the hook hideout in taipei that breeds creativity, positivity and the sweetest of soundsthis search for the place that will be named The Dove Shack is becoming increasingly disappointing.there is one place right now out of all that i kinda like. but the six floors of walking to a heavenly getaway on the rooftop of a six storey building is a little too much for not me but my guest. but then  sko...Read more

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The Letter D

Today, Toro said "there is a letter D you would die for.."Half true but not quite...there was a letter D in my life from 2 years ago and I admit she is the girl who left the deepest impression. Life wasn't the same anymore after her and life couldn't be.I shivered at meeting girls who had her eyes or were Aries.Then I met another D in my life who this time round I knew better to fall for.But I wanted to record it down that she is one of the best female friends I have ever had.She's a down ass breezy who though young is a he...Read more

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a nice point in my career

This year's most memorable and meaningful period has got to be the last three weeks. I got back home this evening to Taipei and I was too tired to even unpack. Plus, in the next five days, I will attempt to get an apartment, run mad errands, scheme some money to pay the rent and also jump into the studio with Toro.I like that kid. He's a fly cat. Street-smart and free spirited cat who believes in what he wants.That's another blog on it's own.Read more

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I am about to go on stage for a concert in Tokyo.This is the legendary Budokan...The Beatles in the summer of 1966.32 years later- me and my two most trust musician friends Skot Suyama and Victor Lau, together with my favorite Taiwanese DJ DJ Z Dubb, and of course, my brother Gaby Lee and my closest road dawg, Van Ness Wu are about to rock out here with music made by us and from us.F4  is awesome. I must say that after meeting the rest of them, especially Ken, I am impressed.But this 20 minutes of Van Ness is something that is personal to all of us.And...Read more

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Wrong Notes, Losing Focus and Blinding Smiles

The last two nights playing live in Yokohama, although, not obvious, I have made countless mistakes on stage because of two lovely dancers, who have repeatedly blinded my vision when they smile at me n stage....I must say that playing for a good friend and together with a band of good friends and producer/songwriters who i respect most is an incredible experience..BUT...these lovely dancers.....who are absolutely awesome girls....make my heart flutter, melt, bounce, stop, start again...etc..Read more

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After The Show

I met a lovely dancer named Lina and wrote her a song....this is only a demo but i wanted to share...After The Showahh ah ahhthey're playin Do It, baby, I think I'm goin crazyahh ah ahhdon't steal the show away, Van's been working for daysverse girl wait a minutelet me catch a breaththose boys with medon't think you careyou're the reason,why i love Japanspeak a lil Englishi'll work with thatpre-chorus(well my knees)are feeling kinda weak(and these keys)aren't playin to the beat and Skot is lookin' at me weir...Read more

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The Wave Child

Gabe Lee aka Wavechild219  is finally on Alive Not Dead.Why not drop by his page and say..."hi...ahem, Mr Wave, or Mr Child, or Mr 219, or Mr Two Hundred and Nine" ...Psych!

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tokyo dreamin'.....

i've been around the world seen lots of pretty girlsbut your the only one that makes the beat stop.so you maybe you danceand i can play the beatbut can you tell me how you make my heart stopsometimes i wish i didnt have a job,cause i'd be happy to move to japan,(bye bye amuro namie)付き合ってくれればi'm be happy to be ur man            you're my number oneichibanAya Tomita san,oh ohichibannumber one大切な人and i'll be dreamin' of you when i'm gone,tokyo dreamin' of youRead more

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The Goodfeathers Show

I haven't been bloggin' a lot lately but that's simply cause I've been in Japan preparing for a concert which starts this Friday.After months of planning and weeks of preparing, it is sounding good.A year ago, I got re-introduced to an artist that I have met from time to time and even presented an MTV inspiration Award to...that person is Van Ness Wu. In the last year, we have built a great friendship and an absolutely inspiring working relationship together but I know Van Ness as Van and when he asked me to be part of h...Read more

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Goodbye Namie, Herro Sayaka

From the creators of Super Mario,From the land where you are not allowed to smoke while walking on the street,From the makers of Toyota and Anime sex toys,From the birthplace of Henry Suyama,and the country that brought you half of Skot Suyama...or at least his surname,From the culture that blur out private parts in their pornography,From the city where school girls on the street are often just...school girls on the street,From the people who COULD have created ...Read more

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