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This Week In The History of Tye Lee

As stock markets tumble and rise, and tumble again, as the world turns and revolves around uncertainty, as China faces the biggest problems with capitalism in 40 years...This week, tucked in the corner, of a nice neighborhood in Taipei, terrytyelee attempts to:1. Assemble furniture.2. Unpack boxes of things, half of which I DO NOT NEED.3. Fold and iron clothes.4. write a duet for XXXXX and XXXXXX XXX.5. write a rap song for XX XXXXX6. write a rap and record it for Linda Liao. No problem saying it, she's hot. (not that the others are not)...this will be the first ever time "featuring The GoodFeathers" will appear hopefully.7. Prepare a new set for the unstoppable, out of this world, so f---in fly on stage, and off as well, dance better than any other muthaf---a in the world and universe, did i mention unstoppable, out of this world, so f---in fly on stage person...XXX XXX XX. yes. 8. Help XXXX XXX work on his set for a TV appearance next week. This is the first time folks are gon' see XXXX or Mr. XXX sing in a minute..So you know we gon throw some feathers on that muthaf---a.9. Enjoy a home.10. Tenga Time.

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