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disappointments, heatstroke and long island teas...REMIXED


what a day:

remember how I am the most positive person in the world. I am. 121am..i am calling it a day. the hardest day in awhile...I am still smiling..

here's how it went down...

I applied for a job at the coolest radio station this side of the equator priorback a couple weeks ago, and I kinda got the job but in the end couldn't get it cause they weren't looking at full time..so even though it didn't...Read more

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do you know what people say of The DOVE?

“Terry is such a positive person, I once saw him pee out a real live CARE BARE…it was the one with a star on his chest.  Rumor has it when he poops rainbows spill  out of his ass though I have not seen it personally.  That said I have seen a unicorn fly out of his ass after he passed gas…AMAZING!”


Dave Yang



...<aRead more

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657pm....Taipei, Republic of China (That's the smaller China)

Today, aside from working on two songs, and writing one. I came on AnD and saw on the home page a feature on Amanda Siew. I have no clue who she is but if she's featured..then I thought I can't go wrong if I checked it out. Her page said she was a model and she sure looked like a very pretty lady..so I became a fan.

I wrote this blog out of absolutely no other reason but cause I wanted to say I became a fan of Amanda Siew. I am also a fan of Gold Mountain, whom I'm never me...Read more

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The Life and Times of Rusty Bal Sac

Hi Sports Fans,

If I can interrupt you for a second I'd like to dig into my shorts (please refer to photo inserted at the bottom) and introduce you to my friend:

Rusty Bal Sac

Rusty, or Carl as his mother calls him, is an artist manager and music entrepreneur in Singapre. He is partners with me at The ChynaHouse Group and works in a cool company called DisOrient. He is part of my business team and has frankly not said more than a ...Read more

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Business Trip Baby

I was sitting down and working on a track for a new artist and then phone wrong.

15 mins later. I had recorded a demo back to The RAWK HAWK and he had an email out.

Hi Goodfeddas friends,

our A&R and fellow member, The Rawk Hawk sent an email today.

Here is the contents as is:

Dearest Falcon, Eagle, Condor and Dove:


Alright so I've been...Read more

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This Is Why I'm Hot Part Deux...These Songs I Write

" the competition is me. not my machines. "- terrytyelee, while irritatingly detouring from the topic of his grandma's cheesecake recipe.

I was asked to share how i write my songs. I know some writers are often uncomfortable with this and I respect their secrecy. For me, I see it a little different.

I used to write a song a week back 8 years ago. I've been writing since I was 16. I am 30.

Today, I sometimes write two a day but at least one a day. it's prac...Read more

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This Is Why I'm Hot Part One

10 AM:

Arrive at The De-Frequency tunnel for De-Frequencing.


Attend daily briefing from my senior consultants,  Statler and Waldorf, who joined us after  they retired at the Muppet Show. They have never sold records but they're just fun to have around.

Read more

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carmine folky's Have U Met Scarlett Two Dolla

Have u met the stunning Miss Scarlett Two Dolla? She is often believed to be the only other person in the world to know the secret technique to these hot beats. Others believe she might be the secret. What good foresight the talented Mr Tye Lee possesses...


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My Tye By Tye

she loves it.

she cherishes it.

she breathes it.

she lives in it.

she's got her Tye.

Do you?

a message from The Hello Tomorrow Foundation. Get your Tye today.

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ChynaHouse For Dummies


I wrote a little manual today for the producers working with us at ChynaHouse.

For those of you who do not know, ChynaHouse is the very cool company that I work at.

www.chynahouse.com should give u an insight to what we do.

But, i wrote this manual for all the people ...Read more

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