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and then he spoke....

For those of you who may have wondered why I have not written in a minute.Please be happy to know I am still in the same pose as you last saw me:As compared to last....My life DOES NOT suck, in fact, it is the best ever. My career seems to be quite on track. My mornings are as great as my nights and that's probably why lately I have been sleeping at an ungodly unheard of 5 am and waking at a unacceptable 1130am. My life is AWESOME. I spent all my time alone and in true gangsta fashion, I still have hot chics skyping me to say...wassup..even at 30. how about that, playa...But this is PONDER WEEK. The week where I hide out from being the super-hero of putting your song together for you and become terence. good ole terence who is quite a fellow.No, muthafucka, I didn't quit ChynaHouse. I fucking came up with that name. I'm in ponder mode. I'm going to make this better. Change has come. Have you not heard the muthafuckin news? My music is el primo. I'm still music-makin-wit-the-mago and two songs about to be ridiculous...I'll be back again. And as you have always known.....As you can see...I'm still the boss, baby...The hero in this adventure..never dies. Throwing Up Weird Gang Signs Since Sept 09,terrytyelee

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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
What's this "being 30" stuff, like it was the end of life, not only in the fast lane, but in any lane? Some people just improve with age. I have more guys scoping me out at 50 than I ever did at 30. Being 30 is a hell of a lot better than being 20 from where I sit now. Hell, 40 was better than 30, at least in my case. Sure, some things don't seem better at 50 (like my knees), but the things that really count benefit from all those years of experience. Just you wait and see. The best is yet to come!
over 15 years ago
"I still have hot chics skyping me to say...wassup..even at 30. how about that, playa..." Now THAT cracked me up!! hahaha!
over 15 years ago
Photo 43244
how was your trip to SH? Did you go yet? Fill me in brutha! Also, we is tha lady you are skyping with? Flamingo approves.....
over 15 years ago
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actually i have a photo of you in nearly the same pose too... (the last time i saw you)
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take a picture, snap....

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