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Something I found.

Yesterday was the anniversary of my good friends. The guy is a director and the girl a screenwriter. Together they have weathered storms and more storms and been blessed with a blissful and wonderful marriage. I have learned plenty from them and am truly humbled and inspired to know that people in the industry can love God so much that they have a love that is so pure and wholesome for each other. I did not want to write a poem because I found something that touched me and I decided to dedicate to them:

Across the years

I will walk with you---

in deep, green forests;

on shores of sand;

and when our time

on earth is through

in heaven too

you will have

my hand.

                        Robert Sexton


These guys have been there for me when I went through a lot of pain. They have showed me how true friends exist and yes, true love too. Because of God's blessings to me, I have been protected with such angels.

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awww..that is very sweet poem! thanks for sharing!! I love the part " in heaven too you will have my hand" MAY YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS BE BLESSED BY GOD EACH AND EVERY DAY!!! take care! Hope u find a guy who is as nice as you friend's husband! ^^ Take care! =D
over 11 years ago
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That is so wonderful about your friends, Lydia ... Happy Anniversary to them, and may they have many, many, many more! :)
over 11 years ago
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It's wonderful to celebrate a love like theirs!
over 11 years ago
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They sound like great friends and a lovely poem choice to dedicate to them.
over 11 years ago
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It's really nice that you take the time to celebrate your friends' anniversary and dedicate a blog entry to them. Whilst I'm sure we're all truly grateful for our friends, not enough of us take a minute to acknowledge them. Thanks for setting such a great example!
over 11 years ago
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I think finding the right friends and partners in life and work must be one of the most basic yet challenging parts of life. lucky you have gotten them arleady.congrats for their anniversary.
over 11 years ago
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It's amazing that you surrounded by truly extraordinary people Lydia. Congrats to the happy couple...
over 11 years ago


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