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When I was 15, I met a boy who became the good friend and brother to me all these years. He hit my head all the time, called me names and laughed at me. I gulped and gasped when my friends idolized him. "Hot" they said and cold went through my veins. Haha, I hated him when he lectured, preached and tried to teach. (ooh it rhymes) But thank God for him, for the company and the friendship and bus rides. It would have been boring going back home with just me and my books. I was entertained by his corny jokes. And then time passed and distance pervaded naturally. I hardly see him but I "hear" him in my head and on the cell, sometimes online now. I realize I am not very lovable because I argue with him all the time about anything and everything. So...this song is to make amends heh.


Hey I made an angel cry today

Clipped in tongs, flavored dregs

Hot wax for you dripped in clay

Rancid tongue, hung with pegs

Wad'ya see baby say say say

See a heart dressed in rags?

She held my hand and closed her eyes

She made me shush with her voice

I saw her beckon to the skies

Here's your heart, now rejoice

I turned and gasped, in surprise

All the tears, anger and the noise

Rags this heart no longer need

She dances now with Love and Hope,

And even when she falls and bleed

They help and teach her how to cope

Then the angel blew a kiss,

Whispered to me just like this

Tell the others about pain

How you hurt and forgave

It will never fail to rain

To drench fires and to save

The sun rises again and 'gain

So hold the faith and be brave.

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That's a lovely dedication.
over 11 years ago
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where does all this stuff come from Lydia? I'm amazed that it's all contained in your head which seems to be a relatively normal size. ;-) Really though, inspiring, as always.
over 11 years ago
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Very sweet dedication
over 11 years ago
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u are most lovable and i'm sure ur "brother friend" he'll know this always ... be he near or afar .... ur last two lines are so meaningful ... "The sun rises again and 'gain So hold the faith and be brave." very nice words L!
over 11 years ago
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LOVE the lyrics Lydia :)
over 11 years ago


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