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On peace.

I used to be a melancholic person, a dark person in the past. When I met with difficulties I felt despaired and angry. Even though I've always been a Christian girl from a Christian family, I didn't really know God. I knew of Him and that there is this supernatural powerful being who made the world but in truth I didn't trust God and didn't tell Him to take care of my problems. Since I've really come to witness God's goodness and fixing me back, I've been really happy. I am just thankful for the good I see in my life now, and I still meet with problems and rocks but the difference is now I know I'm not alone.

Now when I meet people who are angry and bitter I am reminded of how I used to be. I told myself to keep blogging whatever positive stories I have read or heard of  to share with you folks. One of my friends poked fun at me and said I'm now this peace lovin', hippie and that he cannot be like me because he said in life there are too many bozos that need to be adequately dealt with.

However I saw very clearly it was hurt speaking not my friend. Everyone wants happiness and to have peace. And only in God did I find true peace and true happiness. Because humans have flaws and we'll always make mistakes. When I realized that, whatever disgruntledness or cynicism I used to have evaporated. I found that I became a really energetic person and the positivity now made me not ponder, brood or dwell on things when I couldn't figure them out.

Always be positive. The sun always rises.:)


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because am sometimes a melancholic person, your words encourage me. yes. should be positive for another day. thanks Lydia,
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A quote I heard, "Hurting people hurt others." I love the peace Jesus gives us! "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives; do not let your heart be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27
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I agree! :) This is the attitude that carries us farther.
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Good point of view lives on, forever, it is something that is truly owned by you, just as Kieslowski said....Right, be positive. Bravo!
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Maybe if your friend watches and realizes where the change in you came from, he can also embrace changes :)
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I fully agree but I must admit I can still be a very bitter person and it's something I'm learning to deal with with faith and more importantly with friends.
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