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Geeky blog post for the techies out there ... found this interesting graphical comparison of the various audio encoding formats. Most of this stuff is common knowledge to studio engineers, but I'd never seen it represented in this way before.

All graphs taken from & fully explained at the URL below:

http://www.stereophile.com/features/308mp3cd/index1.htm Read more

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Total visits: 19,396 ... win at 20,000

Nearly 20,000 page visits... Not bad for under a year & considering I'm about as mainstream as a sack of flaming babies. So... without further ado: Whomever posts the top / most recent comment on my guest-book on the day I check this page and the counter reads over 20,000 ... gets a copy of the album box set signed & mailed over in the post.Contest open to anyone in this galaxy (except AnD staff, sorry guys that wouldn't be fair!). No need to wait for the release date. Just the magic number 20k. By my r...Read more

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limited edition box set

mirrored on YouTube (in the player above)  ... it's all coming together :)


p.s: Just noticed something ... YouTube and Facebook appear to mix stereo audio down to mono, which causes serious problems for some recordings; either that or their audio encoding can't handle full bandwidth white noise distortion :)  ... MySpace appears t...Read more

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disuye081 out now ... I'd completely forgot :/

Somewhere in between moving studios and the rest of my life getting in the way ... I had put a record out and completely forgotten about it. No wonder it's not been selling very well!

: disuye081

1: Whømp "Girls In Front"

2: Whømp "Busy Tone"


girls in frontThe... uh... "mysterious" tech-house p...Read more

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back in control

the blog post below was for the benefit of my fans who reach me on MySpace... it doesn't really apply to AnD so much as I've got a different standing with the community here... but, it was quite therapeutic so I'm posting it anyway.  ====not sure what happened with my music between 2005 and 2007 ... I was stupidly hoping that other people would sort my releases out, keep wheels moving ... but blame firmly rests on my own shoulders. partly laziness, partly lack of confidence in the music I was making and partly other distractions ....Read more

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PCCW are theiving c**ts

If you have any services provided by PCCW (and I bet you do ... Hong Kong being the  monopoly paradise capital of the Universe) ... CHECK YOUR BILLS, NOW.

Internet, phone, mobile, whatever. Check it now.

Upon renewing any contracts with them (and usually, they will just call you up after the first year for a verbal "yes") they feel at liberty slap a huge list of additional services onto your contract. I've paid out over $4,000 in the last 3 years for extra stuff I never even asked for, never even used, a...Read more

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Alanis Morisette "Flavors of Entanglement"

I just had a chance to hear tracks off the forthcoming Alanis Morisette album which drops worldwide tomorrow ... "Flavors of Entanglement" ... Solid stuff; rock, heavily electronic influenced, and seriously high production values. It still sounds like Alanis, but she's off-one on the crazy drugs that only androids from a different would planet take.

...Read more
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Bisc1 "Parallels" music video

Another indie musician just getting shit done ... fellow collaborator & stateside friend Bisc1 has a new album out entitled "When Electric Night Falls" and Parallels is the first track to get the video treatment. If you are even remotely interested in East coast underground hip-hop you should def check out the whole album. Links below for more info.

[edit: buy the album as a CD or Read more

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I ⊘ PR

 Thankfully a good friend is helping me with PR and promotion ... having to inflate the crap out of creative projects just to get some media notice is a necessary evil ... but I really can't help but feel sick after reading the shameless ego-blowing poop generated by the record industry, day-in day-out ... and even more sick when it applies to something I'm working on. Anyway ... this is going out to press next week along with promotional copies of the CD, thought you might fancy a read of the draft. My comments in :"RENDITION is the sec...Read more

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Repo! The Genetic Opera

SAW (2 thru 4) director Darren Lynn Bousman has a new project due out in August ... reviews look good ... trailers look a bit hmmm ... I mean fer fecks sake it's a musical, tough sell: Anyone here lucky enough to have seen  previews?

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