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24 Herbs

hanging out with the 24H guys on Saturday - great party and an even better crowd. very promising... which reminded me of this:

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junk trip

just about to meet up with the AnD crew for a junk trip and it's typhoon number 1 ... ha ... bring it on :) ... pictures later!

no photos, the boat was rocking too much ... although that must've been the LAMEST typhoon 8 in living memory.

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tee shirts

finally got a store selling my record label shirts... unfortunately they don't ship to hong kong (yet) ... I'm working on that. if you are based in HK and want a design, let me know and I'll try to sort it out somehow.

click here for branded crap top quality merchandise.

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puddle of drugs

this performance of just about makes the track bearable.... no pun intended. at first glance it's truly terrifying and awful at the same time, but if you check out the amount of work the guy puts into programming these things, they are the work of an insane genius... or idiot savant... not my place to say. still borderline awful but not as terrifying. although, if I did ever rub acid under my eyelids I'd imagine the rest of my day would very much look the video. except maybe with a better song... and played by Read more

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the ideo

not sure if this web-site has been featured by someone else, but regardless it's still cool and deserves checking out: the-ideo.org is a free art magazine put together by a few people in hong kong; principally an artist / photographer / painter / designer going by the name of KS. you have probably seen his work around town and not even realised it. the current issue of the ideo features the loss of Queens Pier in Central.

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sun stroke

think I fried my brain today... 34 degrees and killah hot. gave up trying to make canto-pop and went on (what was supposed to be) a trip down to the beach... woke up several hours later on a strange desert planet desperately in need of a drink. got up slowly. after staggering around in the hot sun for what seemed like an age, I stumbled upon this strange outpost on top of a cliff... managed to take one picture before my camera melted and I passed out. that was the last thing I... got back in a cab and went for beer and sushi.

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roadies rock

sorry, can't embed this clip...


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not saying much :)

blimey what a week ... out friday as usual doing my thing, remixing all day Saturday (into Sunday morning) pausing to watch A. Takovsky's "Stalker" (1979?) the version I got hold of had the original Russian dubbed into Italian and French subtitles... neither language of which do I understand very well... so it took a while to figure out was was going on. despite that it's one of the best looking films I've ever seen. then a Chinese wedding (a whole lot of eating but not a lot of food) and (my god) karaoke* on Sunday e...Read more

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music videos

[edit: spotlight artist - many thanks AnD :) ]

we're putting 3 short music videos together for the new album - anyone reading who has an interest in getting involved and is based in hong kong in august please drop me a line at the e-mail address above. we have stories, a director for one vid (need 2 more) but looking for someone to share editing (with me). we already have basic gear lined up but are looking for actors, cameramen (& women!?), whatever really - if you have skills and are interested in spending a couple days... hit ...Read more

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atomic bitchwax icky thump

well, it's friday again - so time for another music recommendation. last week I kicked off these recs with queens of the stone age and I'm going to stick to the rock for another week, on an equally freakier but slightly raw-er tip:

which brings me to the atomic bitchwax. make sure you check out their 2006 release Read more

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