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so long, the end

Legendary London club The End has announced it will be closing in January 2009, after an epic 13 years in action.

Founded in 1995 and run for the duration by sibling duo Layo & Zoe Paskin, the club was based entirely around music - no hype, no marketing - just passionate DJs playing great music, week in week out.

The list of guests and resident DJs reads like a who's who of th...Read more

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Write music? Read this.

To celebrate having my record label's Beatport mini-shop added to the Alive Not Dead blog ... I wanted to share this link with all fellow musicians:


It's a long read but then, like anything worthwhile in life ... well, just make the effort :)

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which reminds me ... NIN

Not the greatest of videos on YouTube but I challenge anyone to find any band with better visuals  & lighting than these guys, right now. Mind blowing.

Love the drum machine.

Lousy sound quality ... ignore it. Just watch.


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new Radiohead video

Shot not using cameras but instead with three dimensional laser scanners. Pretty cool.

House Of Cards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nTFjVm9sTQ ... and the making of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyQoTGdQywY

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Snapper by AudioEase - $79

Following on my post about AudioFile Engineering Wave Editor ... here's another bit of blinding OSX software which studio types should not be without. Snapper. Again, as with Wave Editor - cheap considering the benefits - $79 - but this time Audio Ease (makers of the absolutely ...Read more

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7 hour DJ set now online

Uploaded the recording from Saturday's gig to the Yumla web site, chopped off the encore and a few muck around tracks at the start; otherwise it's all there - mistakes, missed cues, bad mixes, computer glitches, warts an' all. The recording gets a bit fuzzy in places ... got a bit carried away with too much bass ... the PA system handles it, the recording software didn't ... oops ... bottles were walking themselves off the top shelf ... staff not amused ... dodging 12 year old single malts from above. Occupational haz...Read more

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new music woohah

stayed in 'cause of the typhoon ... been sorting through all the promos I got earlier this month in prep for tonight's (Saturday's) set.



there is a lot of good techno around right now. and that's all I came here to say :)

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Wave Editor - $79

Anyone who works with audio more than as just a passing hobby should appreciate this deal on right now from the chaps at Audiofile Engineering. For the price of a few rounds of drinks, you can legitimately own an absolutely pro bit of audio editing & mastering software. No, this will ...Read more

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Dark City directors cut DVD

Finally! I'm a bit slow on finding out this information, but apparently - according to Amazon at least - it's true. One of my favorite "unfinished" films (i.e: great elements, crap / commercial edit) has been given the opportunity to really shine. Can't wait to see it.

Here's hoping the re-make of Solaris gets the same treatment. Anyway, off to see Hellboy 2 in about an hour. Please god may it live up to the first film. Amen.

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Upcoming Event Flyers

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