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International Acclaim

Getting music reviews in overseas press and being mentioned in the same breath as engineers as producers I grew up admiring - means a lot to me. And (as has been the case in the past) I often get credited for putting a few small insignificant genres of music, made here in Hong Kong, on the international map.

I treat the greatest producers & DJs in my chosen genres as the benchmark by which I judge my own work (probably why I spend most of my time unhappy with my results ... that's a different story altogether). This par...Read more

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Mayonnaise - new 12"

Well I posted the flip to this track back in late July, here's the other side. Can digital releases have sides? Anyhow ... in contrast to the plodding dirge that is Fire Water (just kidding, it's brilliant, buy it ... navigate older blog posts to find the audio), Ma...Read more

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Olympics ... roll on the 26th

A joyous celebration of corporate endorsement, advertising and marketing on a global scale!!! Huzzah! Product billboards and branding are occasionally obscured by people running around, leaping through the air and throwing sticks ... but for the most part tonight will see the launch of a two week long television commercial.

Good luck to the athletes, but my real wishes go to China who - I hope - will survive all the international media attention and exit the games for the better.

Apart from the last sentiment, t...Read more

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Press Release: Yumla Resident DJs

this went out from the marketing / website guys today. just ripping a copy up here:


yumla has an ever evolving roster of some 25 djs playing all forms of music from hip-hop and jungle thru breaks, electro to house and techno. in addition to the local djs we often have the honour of hosting many overseas djs (check other parts of this site for info) and the odd live event.

in the past (talking 2003-2008) we actually made an effort to never promote what we were doing, relying purely on people's ...Read more

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Yumla DJ Charts on Beatport

Just a quick post regarding Yumla – the four main resident DJs and myself now have our charts added onto Beatport. What is interesting is that we all play a similar sound but there is literally only one or two tracks overlapping amongst the five charts! Techno, tech-house, minimal, progressive, deep-house, electronica, chill-out, tools ... all the good stuff is covered.  You can check them out at the direct links below or just go to Beatport at anytime in the future, type "Yumla" in the Search-All box and every chart fro...Read more

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Bacon double cheese burger and DJing

Bacon. Great idea. Cheese, another great idea ... burgers were always going to be a winner. Combine all three together and you end up with one awesome idea. A bit like this video below ...

Take the vinyl timecode of Serrato / Traktor DJ software, the visual representation of iTunes / OSX Finder 'cover flow' plus the overhead projection and response system as used by Bjork's Reactable.  Put them all together and you get this:

...Read more

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The meaning of ⅋ as defined by Linear Logic ... 'a simultaneous occurrence of resources to be used as the producer directs'.After quite a long hiatus from regular DJing – and now the album is done, out, selling and no lo...Read more

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Get Rendition...ed?!

I swear this is the last time I'll spam my own blog about the album! Rendition been out for a couple weeks now and reaction amongst underground press and music forums has been overwhelming ... much, much better than expected.

http://rendition.disuye.com iTunes link here

Album review on In The Mix Read more

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Fire Water - new 12"

After last week's DJ set, the vibe from that night pushed me to make this track. I'll be DJing more often again starting in August (my new 15" MacBook Pro arrives today which also make the decision to take things more seriously, my old G4 Powerbook struggles to ...Read more

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Voices Inside My Head

God bless my shitty old laptop...Read more

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