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Repo! The Genetic Opera

SAW (2 thru 4) director Darren Lynn Bousman has a new project due out in August ... reviews look good ... trailers look a bit hmmm ... I mean fer fecks sake it's a musical, tough sell: Anyone here lucky enough to have seen  previews?

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Wow. Umm.... Was it just me or was the music very unmusical. There was really no melody at all in the sense that in opera, you want your melody to be conveying your emotion or counter emotion - but you want it to convey something - or even if it were a rap opera, the rythm would convey something - but you put together a trailer where all the music is practically a-tonal and a-rythmic.... it's like cutting together a drama trailer with just a bunch of scenes of people saying "hello" to eachother blankly.
almost 16 years ago
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hahaha yeah - the music comes across really badly in the trailer ... considering it's supposed to be an 'opera' . :) I would normally avoid musicals but the story line and whatnot fits into the dystopian genre which I love so much, hence my interest.
almost 16 years ago
Jayfc 5d jayfc
like a gothic High School Musical with blood. It just might work...
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