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Piracy > Creative Commons

Jay's posts here sparked me to highlight, once again, Creative Commons licensing which can be applied to music & film releases. You know that ring of text around the edge of most CDs which says ... how out of touch with reality is that?!Creative people should spend a few minutes checking out the Creative Commons web site and start issuing their music (& films?) under the licenses available there. For music CDs...Read more

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AMB "Pellet" remix

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limited edition

Had all the print-proofs, album CD test pressings and merchandise samples come back these last couple weeks ... now the fun part ... real items started to arrive, all eagerly waiting to be packaged up.

In addition to the regular CDs you'll find at in stores... Alive Not Dead, Disuye.com (and a few select outlets dotted around the globe) will be responsible for selling the limited edition box ...Read more

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free NIN album

New album from Nine Inch Nails available for free download off their site. I'm grabbing it now ... no idea what it sounds like. The new single "Discipline" is on their myspace page though, which might give you some idea. click here to visit NIN.comp.s: update ... ok. listening now ... love it. but then I would.

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director commentaries?

I'm a huge fan of watching movies at home on DVD (sorry, the cinema doesn't rock for me) ... but I get just as much enjoyment out of watching the commentaries (Wim Wenders bemoaning the narrow depth of field available with tradition film gear, having to use bi-focal lenses in Paris Texas then saying it would have been nice to have shot digital, for example!) and especially enjoy additional features like the making-of and director / production stories ( Read more

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new music on Mysp*ce

apologise first for the off-site link, but there's a new track on my 'space page called next ... guess you could best describe it as 'industrial dub' ... anyway, so much for genres. it's distorted to fuck and dats how we roll :) due to the  delays with album production, it gave me an opportunity to add a couple extra bonus tracks, this being one of them. there are now 15 tracks on the album, making it close to 55 minutes long... much better! it was 47 minut...Read more

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HK ISPs are rubbish

I'm at my wits end. Having gone from one crap internet service provider to another ... just want to see if anyone else has managed to figure this out.

HKBN charge me $530 per month for (what is supposed to be) a synchronous 10Mb up & 10Mb down dedicated line. In the first week I got decent speeds (around 5Mb to 8Mb on any given day) but now that I've started paying the bills, our speed appears to be stuck between 1.0Mb and 1.5Mb ... unless you check on the HKBN sponsored bandwidth site and we get, oh magic, 8Mb both wa...Read more

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Alex Mikic & Ghost Souljah

OK - these guys blogged a free eight track mini-album for download last night. And today there are still only two comments. what is wrong with you people?! credit please where credit is due :)

I'm listening to it now. I am assuming that is a debut production for both guys (correct me if I'm wrong) in which case, definitely a great start and definitely h...Read more

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calling all guitar players...

I am a keyboard player ... by necessity I might add ... if I could hardwire thoughts from my head directly into the computer I would do so, but as it stands right now my Mac is no mind reader nor am I equipped with USB. So for time being I have to stab at little black & white bits of plastic and should I ever grace the stage I shall be relegated to the back, in the shadows. Face it, keyboard players a close second to laptop musicians in the Top 10 Most Dull Looking Things To Watch On Stage. Over the years I've learnt a ...Read more

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creative block

banging my head against a fat one ... I'm off to wander the streets of Bangkok for a while ... see you next weekend. this is entirely my own fault though. the older I get, the more time I spend trying to push envelopes when I should just be writing music ... but I can't "just write music" ... there's gotta be a reason for each song to exist. and I'm not blessed with lyrical skills so each song needs to contain a strong technical, conceptual and emotional backbone before it even thinks about getting completed. If it...Read more

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