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 Thankfully a good friend is helping me with PR and promotion ... having to inflate the crap out of creative projects just to get some media notice is a necessary evil ... but I really can't help but feel sick after reading the shameless ego-blowing poop generated by the record industry, day-in day-out ... and even more sick when it applies to something I'm working on. Anyway ... this is going out to press next week along with promotional copies of the CD, thought you might fancy a read of the draft. My comments in :"RENDITION is the second full length album for HK based producer Dan F. Taking time away from his respected club output, Dan sends a cruise missile direct to the core of simpleton electronic music with this expansive 15 track release.""Encompassing elements of industrial rock, experimental hip-hop, instrumental IDM, electronica and down-tempo; the album's seemingly disparate roots skilfully return as one cohesive mass under Dan F's much lauded production ability.""Conceptually, RENDITION is collection of songs written around the common theme of people being stripped of their freedom; under oppression or simply thru negligence. Several powerful music videos accompanying the launch of the album hammer home the political messages for those who missed it in the music. Also, alongside the standard CD & digital release there is a special edition box set which provides items of back-story to RENDITION plus keys to future music releases from Dan F.""The launch of RENDITION also features club remixes, the first of which is provided by the always-excellent Elite Force. Further remixes TBA!"There you have it. If anyone has any improvements please suggest!

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Jayfc 5d jayfc
brilliant.. all press releases should come with a 'translation'.. you should read some of the stuff I get sent by the art gallerys.. oh dear... does anyone actually believe it?
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Unfortunately people do believe it ... the people who run distribution companies, magazine editors, online digital shop ... you really need to shoot flames out of your own ass just to get people's attention these days. Tiring really. I bet the art ones are just as bad if not worse than the music related ones!
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Quote some! I'll dig out a few gems. Not related, Paul Arnold's press releases for Chew The Fat were awesome.
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