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My good friend & studio collaborator Guy a.k.a Hyper visited us last week. Being the unreliable bastard that I am, I fell asleep after a long Saturday night out - my phone ring on silent - only to leave Guy sitting on the steps outside my apartment Sunday morning for 2 hours, unable to get in. In an attempt to discover an alternative way of contacting me he located the phone number of Justin, a old mutual friend we share here in town: End result being that Guy was able to reach Justin, get ...Read more

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grass is never greener

ok ok ok - I must be the only person on AnD who failed to make Thursday's show ... so a big shout out to the guys who pay my rent for re-scheduleing last minute mix changes on me. I love you. No really I do. In all honesty after Wednesday night's anniversary party for Yumla (4 years old) myself and lads were all looking pretty rough so perhaps absence was for the best.I've got a very small film project coming up for Hallowe'en ... if anyone fancies becoming a B-movie zombie for a night, post in here. Anyone know where t...Read more

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headless chicken

Quick catch up on events ... been hella busy: (1) More song arrangements, this time for Eason Chan which went for mastering on Monday. (2) The remix / arrangement I did for Sa Ding Ding is in the shops now as well ... that mix got poked by the label several times so it's not entirely my own voice on that remix. (3) Just waiting for the IFPI to issue my ISRC number for the new album then it can get manufactured ... everything else is done... had to wait a couple weeks for the UPC barcode as well ... then once the distributor gets the CDs ...Read more

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digital noise

There have been many mumbles on the many forums I participate on - was interesting to read some of the comments  made recently on Mark Allen's blog ... just thought'd I copy & paste a few things I'd written elsewhere, here. I am too filled up with flu to try and write a coherent piece. Sorry. I might try and edit this tomorrow. For the time being just bear with me!Being creative on a global scale IS NO LONGER an elite skill. For better or worse, anyone can mak...Read more

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Logic Pro 8

...is finally available. only had to wait oooh 18 months for an update! better and cheaper than ever before, hopefully all the old bugs have been killed as well:  http://www.apple.com/logicstudio/

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Soler remixes

been remixing the life out of Soler this weekend ... turning a number of tracks off the current album into electronic / industrial / underground stormers ... yes - believe it or not - the mixes we got so far are seriously banging AND keep full vocals & the original sequence fom the album mixes. just changing chord arrangement, all the instrumentation, adding effects & new sounds, and huge new drums, of course ... wish I could play the mix from today, but, well I can't ... yet :) it's nice to have more-or-less complete creative ...Read more

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mad week gone, mad week coming

not going to blog about the 24herbs video shoot cause it's already been done here, here, here and probably on a bunch of other pages already... because it was f*cking great fun. next time anyone puts a bulletin up for rent-a-crowd don't miss out. my first time seeing a...Read more

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am back, again

speedy 3-day trip around Guangdong province... took our crew thru Fu Yong, from where we drove into Humen, Dailingshan and finally Wanjiang then back home via the sphincter of Lo Wu. the amount of air pollution over the border was, uh... interesting. washing my clothes at the end of the trip I noticed this nasty chemical smell which had permeated thru my luggage... it reminded  me of rotting shark meat. to be fair, we were working all day within the industrial sections of each of the three cities we visited so I guess pollution would've be...Read more

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am back

spent a week eating in Phuket... weather over there sucked for the most part, but I really didn't mind... the sun only serves to turn me a patchy red colour and walking around aimlessly exploring is not fun in the blazing heat. stayed at the Arahmas resort which is a dope hotel but completely isolated... bit of a mission getting anywhere but we managed all the same. uploaded a few photos, there are no 'holiday' shots here, tried to go for atmosphere & grime over ra-ra-sunshine. glad to be back. am off to China for a few days to start ...Read more

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zeitgeist movie

this link takes you over to a 2 hour long film... not sure why they bothered with part 1 (religion)... but anyway... make your own mind up.

check it: http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com

edit: just want to add that this is not just another 9-11 conspiracy flick... there is a much bigger picture being suggested here.

...<aRead more

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