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awdio & halo

another little project I'm involved with - live club music broadcasting from around the globe 24/7. the beta web-site is up now, check it out:


many more venues have agreed to install our hardware, but you'll find it's the scene leading & open minded spots who got onboard early: Le Paris Paris, Club11, Nublu, Zouk, Rex, Lov·e... Yumla :) once some of the big guns tag along later in the year, Awdio will be a very cool music resource indeed.  ...Read more

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new music industry?

stumbled across this new site today. it's operating as a portal to serve musicians and fans, much in the same way as the old record industry used to operate, only in reverse!!! if you want the full story, you really have to check out the site and read the (extensive but easy to read) FAQ. if you just want the meat & potatoes then then here we go:

now for non-musicians: fans can also buy & sell thier share in various bands (at a freely determined market rate), start their own labels (promoting & selling any content...Read more

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reply to musicnote

hey musicnote - I was going to leave a comment on your page but my reply started getting too long!

------- musicnote Posted on Monday, Jul 16, 2007 6:06 AM What kind of program do you use for mixing? What program is economical to get for someone who doesn't have thousands of dollars to spend? ;) Do you know a lot about synthesisers? Thanks!! -------

I use Logic Pro for all my own work, but sometime ProTools if the client or job requires it. Logic is faster (for me) and super flexible, ProTools is more accurate & po...Read more

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virtual reality

managed to hook up with a few of the AnD foundation last night: got to meet Patrick, Boon and co. plus Terence was out on on the war path again. with so many virtual connections going on it's nice to be able to follow that up in the real world now & again. a few of the guys from 24H / Hardpack were also down after their show at YoPark (or whatever it was called), Ed & Phat were on fine form and Conroy lived u...Read more

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nothing to write about today, so here's an image. I'm leaving the studio shortly and out on the beers with a few friends. it's a simple plan and not likely to fail... have a good weekend!


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queens of the stone age

writing about music is like dancing about architecture *.  I'm not going to start dropping reviews, but I will drop regular links in here pointing towards albums and artists you should check out. some of them (like this) will be obvious while others will be more obscure. 

first up, one of my favourite rocks bands: Queens...Read more

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new music

...coming to this page, very soon, I promise!

right on (indeed)... some music is now up, much thanks to the guys behind AnD. just a quick introduction, my background is electronic dance music and I've been putting out 12" vinyl since c.2001. including all other label signings, compilations, remixes and collaboration projects, there are probably just over sixty records out there with my name on 'em, somewhere... even if only in really small print. in the last few years I've widened my scope so the genres I focus on now inclu...Read more

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for any stalkers out there

...just making your life a bit easier! links to my record label, my bar, my attempts at taking over the world's internet airwaves plus a whole archive of my lousy photographs (taken BY me, not OF me... that would just be sick).

Read more

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Hello World!

Thanks for checking my page here. It's an honour to be able to share web space with the talented folks of AnD ... some of whom I've met, many of whom I have yet to meet, some I've collaborated with and a few I've just got really f*cking drunk in the company of (you in 'ere Conroy?!). S'all good.

I'll be posting some music up here shortly, along with regular little blogs from the musical underworld I inhabit. I'm always keen to meet freaked ...Read more

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