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[disuye082] Accuracy International EP out now

Finally ... after the mastering delay then our label rep getting drunk & lost without pants at the Sonar Festival, the wheels of industry finally kicked back into life about 5 minutes ago. So without further ado, I have yet another record released:


: disuye082

r: Dan F - "Accuracy International EP"

1: Arctic Warfare Super Magnum (breaks)

2: Do The Decent Thing (tech-house, despite being listed as techno)

Knock yourselves at the link be...Read more

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singer(s) needed, right now (actually not this very minute ... but over the summer at least)

right ... open invitation time ... got a new industrial / electronic album kicking off right now and looking for vocalists. First intention is  a collection of studio tracks but long term ... who knows.

still interested? so ... I would like any singers / vocalists who have at least most of this list covered, to please get in touch. demos preferable, style & quality not important.

  • Writing your own lyrics / poetry in English ... I will al...Read more

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Radiohead "Nude" & old computer parts

Fast forward 30 seconds into this video, the intro 'loading sequence' is a bit overkill. Take one Radiohead song, and remix it using sounds made by old computers & peripherals. I assume the hard-disks have been made into piezoelectric or distributed-mode type speakers, but apart from that ... very ... geeky ... cool. Dot matrix drum machines are the new rage, trust me on that.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmfHHLfbjNQ<...Read more

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[disuye074R] remix on Beatport now

: disuye074R

1: Dan F "Right On" Elite Force Remix

2: Dan F "Right On" Original (album) version

In advance of the full album dropping Monday 7th July 2008, UK based producer / DJ Elite Force kindly re-worked the opening track "Right On" into a suitably messed-up break-beat roller. Check out the release at the URL below:



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1994 Soundgarden FTW ... and why digital music sucks

Taking a day off ... spent the last couple months mixing a LOT of Canto-pop, bleeding ears, anxiety attacks over ability, screaming RSI and with EQ curves burned into my retinas ... the whole nine yards. But now I am done until the next batch rolls in. Made it. Still alive. Not dead. So - partly as reward, partly as inspiration for my own music making later tonight - I decided to trawl through CDs I'd not heard in a while and have a good old listening session while catching up on studio paperwork.Stum...Read more

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Moog's insane new guitar

I want one. I can't play guitar to save my life ... but I could seriously get into this. Ry Cooder here I come!!!


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... and the winner is

Hehe ... thanks for everyone who took an interest in this little draw ...! I will need to think up an über-prize for 25,000 or something ... but lets get the week over with first.

So, the story here would be: Early morning poster gets the box set. We had a BBQ at the studio all day / night on Sunday and despite trying hard not to look at my counter until Monday, I actually popped by AnD.com around 1AM-2AM this morning. The count by that point had just tipped 20,000  ... and there was one person sitting proudly in the top comment...Read more

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Nearly at 20,000 page views ...

 Total visits: NEARLY ... so start spamming the GUEST BOOK. The winner will probably be sometime tomorrow.

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How to FLAC and with iTunes

Right ... so in follow-up to my last post about audio compression (please read the comments as well as the main blog), here follows the easiest method of fisting FLAC files right up into your iTunes music collection. iTunes officially doesn't support the format, but will play them back with no problem. Hmmm. Collusion!

Adding FLAC files to your iTunes music collection:

If you use OSX 10.4 and up:

1) Goto http://cubicfruit.com/fluke/ and ...Read more

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break dancing .... incredible ... and Skinny Puppy

An old video clip (posted to YouTube around 2006) but just sent to me by a friend on another music forum. Bloody insane:


It immediately reminded me of this Skinny Puppy video "Protest" from 2004.


If anyone has info on these guys – let me k...Read more

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