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the glamorous life

... of an international record producer! studio move completed last week now the acoustic hell begins ... spent most of last week listening to reference material and carrying out real-time (frequency) analysis on the space from which I deduced I should throw the laptop out the window. then got down to DIY, hanging up acoustic panels, baffles, diffusers, bass-traps, clouds, blankets, laundry and finally myself all in a desperate attempt to leverage the best sound out of our new mix room. finally got there but in the process realized that my...Read more

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my boys down at the embassy in Chai Wan are hosting a group exhibition featuring numerous works from up-coming & established artists tonight. free entry, starts 8pm - click the link above for the event flyer.

expect to see many more events hosted by these guys in the future, it's a great indoor / outdoor space and only 10 mins walk from Heung Fa Cheun MTR ... and it's next door to my new recording studio so I can get cultured without having to move too far :)

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NIN Ghosts I-IV

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture. Or words to that effect. So I will not spend too long mentioning the new 36 track instrumental release from Nine Inch Nails apart from saying quickly: "it's really interesting and I like it." In places it does sound like an overly elaborate studio sample CD but the fact & how it came about both make-up for any musical short-comings. It has been the backing music to my days since I picked it up; think the meandering greatness of early The Orb ('s Adventures in the Un...Read more

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dj'ing tonight at Yumla

Myself & Dean Muhsin are playing tonight ... starting at 10pm and finishing when we finish / are too drunk / you all go home / when we run out of music / his flight depature time gets too close / somebody pays us enough money to pack it in / pigs sprout wings. Either way it'll be low-slung, deep, dirty, steamy tech-house as best we can muster. Hope to see you down there![](/attachments/2008/01/33427_200801300357532.thumb.jpg)

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DP recording session

Haven't got time to write much ... am supremely glad to be back in the studio with local cheemonsof rock Dave Wong & Paul Maclean aka DP. Managed to commandeer studio engineer Peter Gorton of K-Town into the project, which means yours truly can concentrate on producing, mixing and generally bossing everyone about instead of actually having to run cables, check levels, operate ProTools (boooooring) and hump drums around. I've waited 9 years for this day. Sweet power is mine!!! First day images available Read more

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well that was fun :)

the image gets brighter once we turned the night-vision on, about one minute in

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monthly music chart on beatport

Well the title of this post says it all really ... if you want to buy some of the music I'm playing at Yumla (and soon elsewhere), then check out the new monthly chart I now submit to the store.

if you're not familiar with beatport.com, it's the largest online retailer of electronic music... there is a LOT of stuff on there, so make sure you dig around. check out the chart & site here...Read more

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yumla knows:club music

I promise to have a proper blog entry soon ... What with flu, redecorating the new studio,

mixing music for (what feels like) everyone in HK, arguing with the idiots at my distribution company, running the bar, writing music, test-driving our new XD camera, playing too much Halo  3 and trying to find time for my friends in amongst all that ... I've got nothing done this year. And someone told me January's over already?! No! What, wait...!!!

Anyway. Quick heads-up. One of the main problems I have with living in ...Read more

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djing saturday

Well – too much going on these days – thanks to everyone who sent me messages over the holidays ... all the good wishes coming boomin' back atcha! I was partly working my ass off, partly drinking myself to death and partly getting killed online in Halo 3. Unless I fought against Simon Birch who sucks so bad my godson & I had to design games in his favor. Like the leader has no shields, no speed, no ammunition, no guns, no pulse and yet even then Simon only beat us 25 kills to 24 & 24. Dude...Read more

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DJing again

Playing tonight (24th) at Yumla – probably from around 1:30AM until close. Managed to find a lot of really good techno / minimal / tech-house recently so decided to dust off the headphones (haven't played since April of this year ... like falling off a bike right?!) and play out for a few hours. Come down late if you're in the mood for a wiggle.

And early on I'll be playing alongside Quan Quansson, both of us will be throwing down an awful mixture of rocky-hip-hoppy-electro-y-pop between 10PM and 1AM.

Drinking music f...Read more

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