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PCCW are theiving c**ts

If you have any services provided by PCCW (and I bet you do ... Hong Kong being the  monopoly paradise capital of the Universe) ... CHECK YOUR BILLS, NOW.

Internet, phone, mobile, whatever. Check it now.

Upon renewing any contracts with them (and usually, they will just call you up after the first year for a verbal "yes") they feel at liberty slap a huge list of additional services onto your contract. I've paid out over $4,000 in the last 3 years for extra stuff I never even asked for, never even used, and certainly never agreed to pay for.

Typical monthly ISP fee from them is actually about $230 per month. I was paying about $330. None of the bills are ever itemized so you WILL NEED to spend time on the phone getting a list out of them. Yes it is a pain in the arse and yes it will take 20 minutes talking to some idiot who will do their best to avoid helping you and make you hang up or call another number ... JUST DO IT and don't take any crap from their service rep.

Hong Kong companies love the fact that people are lazy and therefore they can make BILLIONS OF DOLLARS out of us in return for crap service. Way to go.

PCCW / Netvigator ... Customer Service 1833 833 ... call 'em now.

p.s: And don't get me started on HKBN again ... I'm still chasing them for my supposed '10MB but more like 1.5MB' studio line.

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