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friday tracks, midday drinking

managed to finish work early at the studio tonight (2AM, a nice change) ... so while on the hunt for new music I found these videos. Nothing new, I just happen to like them.


I love Aesop Rock but I have no clue what he's going on about. Need to find the lyrics. This video doesn't help either.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=l1u43KD...Read more

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the reality of hip-hop

... and I heard Timbaland drives a Toyota.


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800,000 free mp3s & counting

Enjoy while it lasts:


As the music industry slowly slides from being doomed to dead, sites like BeeMp3 really hammer home the point that consumer value in music has dropped to a big fat zero. Not just in terms of piracy, but bloggers uploading tracks everywhere and firms like Apple & Universal essentially giving mp3s away in order to promote other products (namely in the shape of mobile handsets). Radiohead no doubt gave their last album a...Read more

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boom bang crash

Been a helluva long week ... recording & mixing three tracks for metal duo DP, some last minute mixing of three tracks for Josie's new album, mixing one track for Eric Suen (is he not blogging on here?), remixing one track for Aussie rock band Regurgitator (and simultaneously trying to learn CoreImage programming in order to finish off this damn FXFactory plug-in we're making for  their new music ...Read more

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15 x 7

If you don't have a copy of In Rainbows - you should.


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Warm Leatherette

Not sure how I missed this YouTube post first time around (from 2006) ... was on the hunt for Saul Williams live performance videos and stumbled across this beauty: Trent Reznor, Jeordie White, Peter Murphy covering The Normal / Dan Miller.

Actually, I've been awake far too many hours in the last 72, so this may not sound so great tomorrow & after a decent night's sleep. Tough columns...  it's on my blog now. Live with it... or at least enjoy it :)

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and now on youtube

i really dislike the quality of YouTube video... it's fine for watching The Simpsons but sucks for anything else. Anyhoots, here the mv is - with all it's glorious detail castrated by maths. There is a better res QT file download link in the blog post directly after this one.

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future model: radiohead now saul williams

well, not only is the new saul williams album a complete fucking blinder in the face of all things hip-hop (if you can narrowly classify it that), he's also embracing the I've been harping on about for years and years and years... listeners supporting the artist directly. screw labels and shops and distributors. or if you don't feel ready to pay, just take the music... yeah, you heard me right: you can either buy the album for $5 or download it free from the official website. if htttp://oink.cd hadn&#...Read more

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Frag MV

Done! scroll down for the QuickTime link.

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videos gone cheap

What do you get when you combine a worn out Sony MiniDV camera, the night-train from Guangzhou to Kowloon, a handful of stolen cruise missiles and a few long hours of editing & post production? Check back here, very soon. It's... dark.

I really wanted to give this blog post the title of "how to make a music video visual for less than HK$800... but when you factor in the computer, the hard-drives, audio monitors, video & sound cards, not to mention the software & camera... forget about it. This hobby ain't a...Read more

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