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Nearly 20,000 page visits... Not bad for under a year & considering I'm about as mainstream as a sack of flaming babies. So... without further ado: Whomever posts the top / most recent comment on my guest-book on the day I check this page and the counter reads over 20,000 ... gets a copy of the album box set signed & mailed over in the post.Contest open to anyone in this galaxy (except AnD staff, sorry guys that wouldn't be fair!). No need to wait for the release date. Just the magic number 20k. By my rough calculations (assuming no radical increase in page activity) 20,000 should drop in about 8 days. And I usually check AnD around 2PM Hong Kong time :)In the event of a tie-breaker (although technically impossible but legal waffle blah blah) the prize will go to the person with the most embarrassing profile photograph / avatar. And that doesn't have to be personally embarrassing either ... embarrass someone else, by all means.

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doh, 451!
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••• anything goes ... second visits, whatever ••• All it requires is your comment to be the top comment ON MY GUESTBOOK on the day I check my page and the number reads over 20,000. Yes, I know, seriously debatable system with massive holes in it ... but still more reliable than the US Presidential Election process.
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Doryuk 63 doryuk
that CD is mine ! I will screen shoot it !
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