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disuye081 out now ... I'd completely forgot :/

Somewhere in between moving studios and the rest of my life getting in the way ... I had put a record out and completely forgotten about it. No wonder it's not been selling very well!

: disuye081

1: Whømp "Girls In Front"

2: Whømp "Busy Tone"


girls in frontThe... uh... "mysterious" tech-house producer simply known as Whømp dropped by the office with a four track CD earlier in the year with explicit instructions not to play these songs to anyone... so naturally we ignored him and had the music released.The first Whømp installment "Girls In Front" and "Busy Tone" can be bought from Beatport at the link below. These tracks were played extensively by James Lavelle, Jimmy Van M, Sasha and the like early in 2007. The second two-track installment will be revealed in July 2008.http://www.beatport.com/artists/whomp/Go get 'em!Next single up is me: #: disuye082

1: Dan F "Arctic Warfare Super Magnum"

2: Dan F "Do The Decent Thing (Go F*ck Yourself)"

Released Thursday June 12th 2008

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