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Absentee Ballot and the thought of changing the world...

My momma...my lovely momma, Phyllis, sent me my absentee ballot today.It's a couple weeks away and I put it into my bag on the way out and pondered over my vote.As insignificant as it may be coming out of the state of Hawaii, I am extremely excited about making that choice to put the right person in the White House to become the not so very most powerful person in the world.I'm excited. America's going downhill anyway but my view is, at least, even if u have to fall, fall with grace...and Barack is going to take this country back and make a big difference I believe.I'm in Osaka...hella excited about the concert again. And excited about meeting Aya. Haven't felt like this since Denise....and that was awhile back.Tokyo Dreamin' has become Osaka Driftin'

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