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birds of a feather, flock together, rock it together and kill it together...

In the last month, I followed Van Ness, together with the Notorious F.E.A.T.H.E.R.S, on the road as we blazed it up in Yokohama, Tokyo and Osaka.7 shows and countless rehearsals as we tried to take the music of Van Ness Wu and incorporate it into a show that is still F4.My personal goal was to help set the standard for who Van Ness Wu is as he has shared with me over the last 400 days since we have been talking or hanging out at least every day, trying to learn more about the real Van Ness and helping him translate that to music.As a music producer, it isn't about what I want now. It is about who he is. Who he is that translate to what he wants. And something that will continue keeping his fans loving him and following him as he grows.Look, haters, this muthafucka only just begun his new path. And as much as I hate to brag about myself...this is one of the few times you willl here this. Humility is the foundation of my music but today, i deserve to make an exception...I am terrytyelee and I am fucking sick with this music shit. I never had music training and I learnt it all by myself. People who know me, love me for one thing- I talk the talk that walks my walk. I am fucking clean with this shit and I am ready to take anybody on. Especially, you, that one who I have never met but I know you think you can have it with me. I love your big mouth. But you, you're gonna run into me one day and it's fucking on. Everytime my hands touch those keys, it's one less day you have in this business. You know exactly who you are.So I am here through thick and thin with my brother Van Ness, whom my big brother Gaby introduced to me 400 over days ago, for the third time and the last time we needed an introduction. It's fuckin on. So I'm here and I'm gonna be in this war room with him and the rest of the wonderful people that has contributed to his colorful career.With Skot, Vic, Z Dubb, it's gonna be on and poppin'I'm a freakin' feather, mang... 

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Just holla, homie.
over 15 years ago
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hello.I've been to F4 concert.you've already knew it..haha:P...actually it is ture that I didn't have a chance knowing you if there is no F4 concert or if there is no vanness in AnD...but it's for sure,it was really nice to meeting you!got to know you here.I've added as your fan,and will check your work in the future too^^as you see our flowers the other day,we are gonna "fully support you!" right?haha^^ so,looking forward to seeing your new work!!jiayou!and to your bro too:P
over 15 years ago
3rd times a charm homie~ fly on mang~!
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THE DOVE SHACK IS IN BUSINESS... we are accepting house warming gifts, used appliances, used furniture at any time :P
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take a picture, snap....

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