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On the way to Blue

Blue is my color. tye loves blue. blue loves tye.people who love tye love blue. blue is the color of all who loves tye. i speak of tye like he's a religion. i must have lost it.But it's 1151pm and I'm about to step out of my apartment.It's time to go to Osaka. It's time to rock out....It's time to do big things in Japan again.It's time to make sure the Eagle always sounds fly.Cause the world will not have a non-fly sounding Eagle.It's time to be a feather again.I'm ready to rock and roll, baby. Light my muthafuckin' fire. The color is Green for now. Green is the peace that comes before Blue. And Andy On is so fly.

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So like...one time I had blue balls, right...and... uh.. Oh...have a nice trip Terry! See y'all when you guys get back. >=P
almost 16 years ago


take a picture, snap....

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