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Sam Hui vs. 30,000 People !!! | 許冠傑vs.30,000觀眾!!!

It's been hectic this week with the rehearsals for my dad's show while squeezing in studio time to finish the vocals on the new single.  I'm pretty excited about the this show because it's the first time any artist has been able to play at the HK Football Stadium since the 80s.  I think mainly due to the fact that the place is surrounded by tons of apartments now and it's much bigger than the coliseum.  Plus the new sound setup and rundown will work out great so come out for some good tune...Read more

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How to Kick-Flip.....!!!

It's been a good past couple of days with a photo shoot yesterday with my partners in crime Eric Kwok and Jun.  I can't show the pics yet but I think you guys will be pleasantly surprised.  I also got started on a new "how to" skateboard video for Roadshow which you guys should be seeing in all the HK buses in January. It's very basic but it was fun getting to skate with my good friends Lee-Hawk, Brian, Fa Chai.  Brian also did a blog about it on his Hypebeast site here:

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Sea Lions, Pandas, and Naked People !!! | 海獅、熊貓和裸體人像!!!

It was great going to another great Alivenotdead/Diesel event the other day.  I've never seen so many naked guys (yes men) at once so watching people's reaction when they checked out the photos in kept things exciting.  The best part had to be meeting Terry Richardson and watching my favorite HK bands Hardpack and Qui Hong rip the place apart.  This stuff makes up for the pollution for sure!

| 昨晚又參加了一次偉大的Alivenotdead/Diesel活動。我第一次看到如此多的裸體人像(是的,男生),當人們激動地看來看去時,我一直在觀察他們的反應。最棒的是認識了Terry R...Read more

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Like A Rolling Stone !!!

I picked up the new Rolling Stone magazine (40th anniversary issue) last week and it had some really great interviews with some of the biggest artist, actors, and politicians.  It focused on the state of the music industry (and how technology is affecting it) and global issues.  Lots of interesting points were made and it's totally worth checking out.  Here's some interesting things said........

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Happy Thanksgiving !!! | 感恩節快樂!!!

We are probably one of ten families that celebrate Thanksgiving in Hong Kong which is cool because we don't have to deal with the holiday traffic like we used to.  The most important thing now is just enjoying a good meal with family and friends and be glad for what you have.  Tonight we had our Chinese influenced thanksgiving meal with everything from turkey, cranberry sauce, soy sauce ribs, curry crabs, and ox tail.  It was great and I ate so much that don't think I have to eat for the rest of the week...ha!

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Dear Diary !!! | 親愛的日記!!!

I was told the other day that there was a school text book that mentioned me but I couldn't believe it until I saw it.  In this book, a chapter talks about 2 girls going to a show and ended up liking my performance.  This was the coolest thing I've seen in a while..so funny.  There is even a section on my family members and questions they have to answer at the end of the chapter.    Wow! 

| 昨天有人告訴我,有學校的課本提到我,直到親眼見到我才相信。書中有一章是兩個女生談論一場演出,最後提到喜歡我的表演。這真是我遇到最酷的事…非常有趣。裏面甚至還有我家庭成員的介紹,章節最後必須回答一些相關問題。哇! | 昨天有人告诉我,有学校的课本提到...Read more

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Good things to come....soon !!! | 好東西接踵而來…很快!!!

I hope everyone had a great week and had time to chill during the weekend.  Mine was pretty good but the highlight definitely had to be filming the new music video with my good friends Jun Kung and Ah Sing (Star).  Its going to be a pretty cool video and I'm sure you guys will dig it and the new tune as well.  It should be out mid-december (fingers crossed) so in the meantime thanks for your patience and support this past year. 

| 希望各位上周愉快,周末都開心。我的周末很棒,亮點絕對是跟好朋友恭碩良和Ah Sing(明星)拍攝最新MV。是部相當酷的MV,各位一定會...Read more

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Halloween Kiss !!!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!  We spent the night dressing up and playing at the HK Actor's Guild party which was fun.  Last year I didn't dress up so this time I went all out and decided to go as Ace Frehley from the legendary rock band KISS!  Good times for surebut I think next year I'm doing something does not require a wig because it sucks to get fake hair in your mouth when singing....ha! ...Read more

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I Heart SD !!! | 心系聖地亞哥!!!

I'm not sure if most of you in HK heard about the fires in San Diego, California this past week but its been pretty crazy.  Even Fallbrook (the town where I lived for 4 years while going to high school and where my Grandma used to live) was evacuated and the park we used to drive by burned down!  Please keep the families that lost their homes in your prayers and hope that the city recovers soon.

| 不知道在香港的你們有沒有聽說上周開始在加州聖地亞哥的大火,火災很嚴重。連Fallbrook鎮(我奶奶以前住的地方,我在那裏上了4年高中)都被迫撤離,以前開車經過的公園已經被燒光!祈禱上帝保護失去家園的人們,希望城市能盡快重建。

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N.E.R.D.s !!!

After watching King Ly Chee, Shepherds the Weak and The Geeks put on an amazing hardcore show last week I feel energized to push myself even harder in the upcoming recording sessions.  It was just so cool to see some great bands tear the place apart!  Oh yeah, there's a great compilation out this week of some really great China and Hong Kong bands (King Ly Chee, Qui Hong, and The Lovesong just to name a few) called "KING SIZE CHINA" so if you have time check it out h...Read more

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