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Johh Mayer @ Coach !!!

Last week we got invited to two fashion shindigs and we had a lot of fun hanging out while checking out some cool threads.  Both events were held at Kowloon West and it was interesting seeing how these two separate events were set up just days apart from each other. 

The Coach party was nicely designed and they went all out promoting their new store in Central!

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512 !!!

Last sunday there was a huge 512 Charity show for all the victims of the Sichuan earthquake and over 300 artists from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan pulled together and supported.  It was an honor to be able to help and remind people that we need to continue to support our friends.  They project that it will take over 7 years to get things to back to normal for the 5 million people are now left homeless and for the thousands of families that lost loved ones to recover.  So don't forget and keep giving.....

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Blind skater Tommy Carroll !!!

Tony Hawk interviews skater Tommy Carroll.......who is blind! 

Inspirational stuff.....

Video: http://www.shredordie.com/videos/4600e35e6f

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Death Cab for Cutie/Lemonheads/Weezer !!!


I've been listening to this album a lot lately-great melodies and songwriting.  These guys always take things to the next level with each album.  I believe it also debuted at No.1 this week too.  Definitely a solid release from DCFC but my favorite CD of theirs is still a tie between "Transatlanticism" and "We have the facts..."

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Prayer and Support !!! | 祈禱與支持!!!

I just watched the news tonight and saw that the Sichuan Earthquake situation is still getting worse.  Its almost unbelievable to see how many people were affected by this disaster.  My heart goes out to all the families that have lost loved ones and that lost their homes.  Please keep them in your prayers and donate if you can.  You can find places to donate here.

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What's Good? Malaysia !!!

Here's the pics from the funnest trip we've had to KL ever!  It was great being out there for a few days supporting our friends and getting a chance to play around town.  Big thanks to Ben (aka Bad Boy Ben), What's Good?Crew, Eelin, Read more

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Happy Birthday AnD !!!

Happy Birthday AnD!!!

Thanks for all the good times.  See you guys at the party tonight. 

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Suitcase Monster !!!

Just got back from a great time in Malaysia the other day (I'll post pics soon) and I'm beat.  Within this past month we made it to Japan, Singapore, China, and Malaysia so knowing that I have this crazy fear of flying you can realize how freaked out I've been lately.  But being able to see cool places and meet new people makes it all worth it at the end of the day.  And I also get  a visit from the SUITCASE MONSTER!!

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Comeback Kids !!!

Just got back from the Comeback Kid show tonight and it was awesome.  It was great seeing my local heroes King Ly Chee and Embryo rock out and represent HK (sorry to the guys in Shepherds The Weak cause I lagged and got there late).  This was my second show at the pier and the crowd was going crazy (people were even hanging from the rafters!).  I was also stoked to be a judge with Paul Wong and Audiotraffic for the LKF band search yesterday too.  All the bands played great and I was pleasantly surprised by everyone's unique style and so...Read more

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Passing the Torch !!!

It's not everyday that the olympic torch will pass by your appartment so I decided to take a few pics of the rehearsals that just finished about an hour ago.  I can see everything from my living room so Kingsley and I just watched all the action.  Since we will be in Malaysia for the What's Good opening and some promotional stuff we will miss the real thing. 

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