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Thank you Mr.West !!!

This week we got more vocal tracks done and hopefully the next single will be out in a few weeks for you guys to check out.  In the meantime I added the english version of 天下不亂 called "Right Now" to the my AND profile (thanks Etchy!) so click on the play button to give it a go.  By the way, Josie's album just came out so go buy it and support local HK music.....

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Domo Arigato (Part 3) !!!

Here's the last part of our trip to Tokyo.  It was a blast and we could've definitely stayed out there way longer but there's always next time so it's all good.  My favorite part was getting to see and listen to so much cool music.  I almost forgot what it feels like to walk into a store playing good stuff like The Clash, Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, and Radiohead.  It totally got me energized and focused on coming up with new songs.  Until next time.....sayonara Tokyo!

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Domo Arigato (Part 2) !!!

Luckily the rain in Tokyo cleared up the next day (and for the rest of the trip).  Yeah!  Now its time to really get our walk on.  Hopefully we'll find some cherry blossoms but first breakfast.....

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Domo Arigato (Part 1) !!!

Just got back from Japan and Singapore the other day and I'm beat.  It was great being back in Singapore for my dad's show and staying a few extra days to promote my stuff.  I took a bunch of photos so I'll post that stuff soon but in the meantime here's some pics from  my favorite place in the world...Tokyo!  We were there for a few days so here's the first part.  I'll update more stuff in a couple of days....

p.s.....I just realized so many people from alivenotdead were there too.  We should've ...Read more

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Stranger than Fiction !!!

It's been a hectic couple of weeks with a lot of traveling and now we're in Singapore for a few days.  We did the Sam Hui show last night and it was a blast!  It's been a couple of years since we played here and the crowd was awesome.  The big group leaves today while I will stay behind to do some interviews, a function and some Merlion sightseeing.  Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks to the fans for all the cool gifts.  I'll post a ton of stuff when we get back to HK for sure.....or as Brian would say "...Read more

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Rockin' the catwalk !!!

Doing music in HK definitely ain't easy especially if you're not a K-song singer, in a boy/girl band, or a "idol."  There's lots of good times and bad times but in the end being able to play music you love with your friends makes it all worth it.  So catching up with my hometown heroes Soler, Kevin, Koler, Eason, Ah Pak,  and Ah Sing this week was really cool.  Keep rockin' the free world!

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Kozyndan !!!

I've been a huge fan of Kozyndan's artwork for a long time so I was pretty stoked to be able to get one of their pieces from their Giant Robot ( www.giantrobot.com) show last month.  If you haven't seen their stuff before start with their highly detailed panoramas that were also CD covers for Weezer and The Postal Service.  Pretty cool stuff....

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Sup !!!

Went to China the other day to get some shots for the upcoming EP we're trying to get done right now.  We heard about a chopped up plane in the middle of a field so we packed up some gear and headed out.  It's a pretty strange thing to see a thing like that out of the blue for sure.  By the way, check out the new Audiotraffic CD and their show on the 21st...it's gonna rock!

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Hyper-Ballads !!!

Last night I got to see my favorite female artist Bjork play and it was amazing!  This was my second time watching her play (the first time was in San Diego, California back in 96) and it was so cool being able to see her so close up.  She sings with so much passion it was insane. If you ever get a chance to see her play don't pass it up!  Have a good weekend everyone....


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From Rooftops to MJ !!!

Just got done filming the TVB version of my new single "天下不亂" today and it was a blast!  Thanks to everyone helping out and the film crew that suffered in the hot sun with us.  Hopefully you guys will get to see this baby in March.  We're also recording an English version of the song so it should see the light of day in the next couple of weeks.  Peace!

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