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Blades of Glory !! | 榮譽之刃!!

Finally working on the new songs this week and they’re starting to take shape.  We got some pretty kick @ss stuff so hopefully it will be on the radio before September ends (fingers crossed).  In the meantime we had fun at Sai Wing’s birthday party and everyone rocked.

Happy B.day! | 這周在做新歌的最後部分,它們已經開始成型。我們加入了許多很棒的元素,9月底之前就能在電臺聽到了。我們還為葉世榮辦了生日Party,大家都很開心。生日快樂!



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Hollaback Girl !!

We went to see Gwen Stefani the other night and it was a really good show.  The last time I saw her play was when No Doubt opened for Blink182 in the late nineties and there was only 300 hundred people there!  Since she had a strong band her for this show the programmed songs sounded way better live. By the way, I heard Fall Out Boy might be coming and The Police.  Hell yeah!

| 昨晚我們去看Gwen Stefani的演唱會,非常棒的演出。上次看到她還是No Doubt在90年代末為Blink182開場,當時只有300名觀眾!為她伴奏的樂隊很厲害,重新編曲讓音樂更好聽了。...Read more

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D'OH !! | 哎呀!!

Nothing beats a typhoon signal no.8 like a good movie. Luckily the night before I bought tickets to The Simpsons Movie (which was great and I'll probably watch a million times). Next time a typhoon comes by and you think that no.8 might be hoisted don’t drive because HK becomes a giant parking lot!

| 臺風8號風球掛起,但什麽也沒發生,象一場好電影。很幸運昨晚買到了票去看電影《辛普森一家》(太好看了,我可能會看一百萬遍)。下次臺風過境你覺得8號風球可能掛起時,可別開車,因為香港已經成了臺風的停車場!

| 台风8号风球挂起,但什么也没发生,象一场好电影。很幸运昨晚买到了票去看电影《辛普森一家》(太好看了,我可能会看一百万遍)。下次台风过境你觉得8号风球可能挂起时,可别开车,因为香港已经成了台风的停车场!

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01.18.08 !! | 08年1月18日上映的神秘電影!!

Check out this trailer for the new movie "01.18.08" from JJ Abrams (TV's Lost). I'm not sure what it's about but it looks like it could be a monster movie. Maybe Godzilla? I would freak out if it was....

| 看看JJ Abrams(電視劇《迷失》)新電影的預告片。不能確定講的是什麽,看起來象是怪物電影,或是酷斯拉?如果是的話我會很開心…

 | 看看JJ Abrams(电视剧《迷失》)新电影的预告片。不能确定讲的是什么,看起来象是怪物电影,或是酷斯拉?如果是的话我会很开心…

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JA2b4rUG6I

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Curse of the Golden Flower !! | 滿城盡帶黃金甲!!

After going to Guangzhao for an autograph signing gig and the Hennesy party yesterday, I had today off to hang out with some family and have dinner with Eric So. I've known Eric for a while now and everytime I go to his office I freak out at how amazing his work is. He's truly one of the most talented guys I've ever met. Tonight he gave me his new figure of Chow Yun Fat's character in the movie "The Curse of the Golden Flower." Simply AMAZING!!!

| 昨天到廣州參加簽名會和軒尼詩酒會之後,今天和一些親戚碰面,跟Eric...Read more

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Alive is the Cure !! | Alive跟the Cure一樣棒!!

Big thanks to the Alive Not Dead crew for all the love and support this week! I must say being apart of such a cool site and community makes me very excited to take things to the next level. I’m glad that there is more support for local music, art, and movies and if we keep it up there’s no telling what we can all accomplish. Let’s all fight for what we love to do!

| 非常感謝Alive Not Dead網站的朋友們前來支持!很開心身為這個超酷社區的成員之一。對本土音樂、藝術和電影的支持越來越多,若我們堅持下去,任何阻礙都能跨越。讓我們繼續堅持所愛!

| 非常感谢Alive Not Dead网站的朋友们前来支持!很开心身为这个超酷...Read more

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Annie rocks the mic !! | Annie勁爆演出!!

It’s been a good week so far, I did some fun things and got to watch friends rock out. Tomorrow is the Ani-Con show and I’m sure it’s going to be a blast. Come on down and support the HK rock scene!!

| 這周過得很棒,我做了些有趣的事情,也去看了朋友的演出。明天就是動漫展了,絕對是火爆的表演。記得要來看,支持香港搖滾!! | 这周过得很棒,我做了些有趣的事情,也去看了朋友的演出。明天就是动漫展了,绝对是火爆的表演。记得要来看,支持香港摇滚!!

Watched Eugene Pau, Adrian (Audio Traffic), Jun Kung,...Read more

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Skate or Die !! | 不滑板,毋寧死!!

Two nights ago Warren, Lee Hawk, Fa Gsai and I had midnight session at a new spot and it felt sooo good.  It’s the best when you find somewhere that no one has touched and is well lit at midnight.  What’s crazy is that afterwards I realized that I used to skate with these guys back when I was 14 (before I even went to the states).  Wow, time flies by like a bat outta hell…. Enjoy it!

| 2天前,Warren、Lee Hawk、Fa Gsai和我半夜去到一個新地方滑板,感覺太棒了。能找到一個有很好夜間照明、無人打擾的地方真是很好。尤其好玩的是後來得知他們竟然是我14歲時一起玩滑板的夥伴(甚至是在我去美國之前)。哇,時光飛逝…好好享受人生!

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One Big Happy Family! | 快樂的大家庭!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the YO PARK show last week! It was a great crowd and we had fun playing with our AnD friends Audio Traffic, Hardpack, and Josie. Please keep supporting HK bands and supporting good music. Oh yeah, did you see the Foo Fighters at Live Earth? They killed it!

| 謝謝上周觀賞YO Park演出的各位!人潮湧動,我們同AnD好友AudioTraffic、Hardpack和Josie在一起玩得非常開心。請繼續支持香港樂團,繼續支持好音樂。對了,你們有沒有看Foo Fighters在Live Earth的演出?他們超棒! | 谢谢上周观赏YO Park演出的各位!人潮涌动,我们同AnD好友AudioTraffic、Hardpack和Josie在一起玩得非常开心。请继续支持香港乐团,继续支持好音乐。对了,你们有没有...Read more

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What's up y'all!  I'm playing a great show this Friday with Josie, Audio Traffic , and Hardpack at Yo Park .  It's going to be a kick ass band show so come down with your friends for a good time!

| 大家都好嗎!!!這周五我會跟Josie、Audio Traffic和Hardpack在Yo Park演出!這個秀一定超棒,一定要跟你的朋友來看哦! | 大家都好吗!!!这周五我会跟Josie、Audio Traffic和Hardpack在Yo Park演出!这个秀一定超棒,一定要跟你的朋友来看哦!

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