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Im happy, and I hope you are too:)

Tiring day but so extremely rewarding to work with my vocal coach. As a mentor, he has helped me to become better at refining my vocal technique and also to instill more confidence in exploring different styles and methods in singing. I'm very inspired.:) Can't tell you just how important it is to love your craft.  But in everything we do, it is intensely important to love what we do. I've been waking up everyday filled with excitement at the prospects of more music and more music.4.04 am. let me finish watching this dvd and my facial mask to dry.

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Like this song

I love the new song my producer Sandee just released. It's called I love You John. Sandee's exceptionally gifted. She's also very beautiful. Working with her is really an honor because I've always liked her work.I love You John doesn't actually refer to a person named John. It is actually a play on the words, "這樣". So everytime the lyrics go "John", it's a pun on the words "這樣". "這樣" means this way.Sandee explained that while she worked with other singers and younger kids, she noticed a new jargon arising as a trend. People now pronounced "這樣" quicker, so it sounded like "John". I suppose it's also a taiwanese thing. It's also a distinct feature in Asia where certain English words are spoken like Mandarin due to a difference in accent. And "John" happened to be the other way. Chinese words that are altered to sound English. Video:

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Hi friends.

Time flies. It's July 2011 right now, whoa. Can't believe how quickly days go by.:) Life has been exciting for me! And time does change people.  Hairstyles too, don't you think? We always look back on dated pictures and think OOPS in embarrassment. Ok, I meant more for me.This whole year has been surreal so far, I've learnt much and enjoyed this production process. I really feel like a newborn baby though, because in just a short while we'll unveil this record!Working with people who are great at what they do, extremely professional and dedicated gives me an all time high and a goal for more improvement. Not trying to be cheesy here, but it's really inspiring you know. You listen to this one bar someone plays out and then these other notes start poppin in. And the musical progression goes on. I love it. Really do.And all these began from a little dream and then it grew into a little seedling and finally we'll have a harvest of fruits soon. Some of the hardest things to do in life is to anticipate, to wait.I hope you guys have a smashing weekend. :)loveLyd

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Im so secure with my Father looking after me.:) One of my favorites. Video:

One day I will never be afraid again.

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The quake that hit us in Tokyo. 11/3/2011

I was in Shinjuku when the quake happened. Earlier that morning around 6am, I went to Tsukiji Fish Market and I wanted to watch Kabuki after that, because the theater was near.  At around 11am-12 noon I reached back home to Shinjuku, at the hotel. While I slept, around 3 pm in the afternoon, the first signs of horror reared its horns.   There was an immense terrible shaking that woke me up. I was wondering about it because I was still half asleep. Then the words "earthquake", "tsunami" sank into my head and I realized to my full horror that I was hit by an earthquake that was getting stronger and stronger every second.  It was excruciatingly long, and my bed was rocking so bad and when I tried to stand. I fell over. I tried to sit, and I was rocked to and fro. I held on to the edge of the wall, but the piercing sound of the shaking and things falling amalgamated into a fusion of chaos. I felt powerless as the siren started to ring and emergency announcements were heard over the speaker in Japanese. I did not know what to do. Stay indoors or out? I was on the 16th floor and it felt extremely alone to be there when everyone was outside. Actually I did not know where everyone was. I just did not want to be by myself.   I was so terrified that I could understand how little children wet their beds. I felt weak at my knees and the fear turned my blood cold. Never in my life have I ever felt so confined, and so powerless. Not the earthquakes in Taipei which sometimes gave you an occasional surprise. This... this was enormous. You did not know if the quake would continue to get larger and larger and things would shatter and debris would fall and hit you or crush you. All these scary notions flashed by my mind and I started to tremble. I told myself, to stay calm.  But still the shaking continued. It got louder and louder and my prayers were drowned out by the thunderous banging. Then I shouted out loud, God! You're bigger than the quake! Save us!!! Save us, Jesus! Save us, save us! Save us Jesus.   I kept crying out loud and praying and finally it came to a standstill. Still wide with horror, I held my breath in anticipation and then it came AGAIN. Repeatedly and finally the large ones left.   By this time, tears were pouring from my face. I just thought to myself, if I went away, I would be with God. I would be okay. But the tears came because I felt the reality of being separated forever from my family, and my friends. I thought, if news reached my parents and my brother, they would be traumatized forever. I just felt, no , please no. I have not given the best to my family yet! There were dreams, good things, and many happy times I had yet to share it with them  Prior to this, a fortnight ago, my brother came to visit me in Taipei. We went to the mountains where they had sheep, and farms. There were the cherry blossoms and strawberries that we went picking. It was extremely fun and I felt so happy to have had hung out with my brother because we were usually divided by distance. Writing this now brings tears to my eyes again and I still feel the ground beneath me shaking, even though I am back in my Taipei apartment. I tried to call someone. Anyone actually. But there was no way the phone lines would work. In my frantic anxiety I tried to get on the internet. It was very strange that the internet worked. I tried to email my brother, but email could not work. So I went on to facebook and I was both perplexed and hopeful when it did connect. There, I updated my status about not having any other source of communication. I also found a few friends who brought word to my brother and my family.  And then I hesitated upon leaving the hotel because I was not sure if aftershocks would occur or if I could be safe without communication. (Facebook never felt more important than that moment)  I guess the aftershock tremors that ensued kept me on my toes for a long while. Throughout the day/days in Japan, we felt the tremors when I was out having meals. The soups would shake, the bowls would tremble slightly. The expressions on all our faces united the different races, ethnicities and language disparities. We were all in the moment and we were going through the same ordeal. No one had to explain their traumas, no one needed to. The reports on the TV kept us on tenterhooks. What was happening in Tohoku and the sight of cars swept on shore, debris collapsing everywhere brought a universal sense of foreboding into the atmosphere. The convenience stores were swept of supplies as consumers dashed hurriedly and politely in a bid to keep afloat with last minute supplies.  At Shinjuku, the vast amount of people increased by the minute. This was the world's busiest subway station. People were waiting in line for the phones at public booths, others sitting gravely on the floors and stairs waiting for the subway that was stalled to resume. They probably knew it was going to be hours and hours of ordeal. Others took refuge from possible aftershocks. Whatever the cause, it was the same countenance I saw that consumed each of their faces. No riots, no hysterics, no madness. Somewhere in the middle of the evening an American expat at the next table gushed about the sight of swaying buildings that had bewildered him. No where in his life, he stuttered had he seen something as terrifying as that. The Japanese were expert engineers at building structures, but with a monstrous quake and tsunami, the truth was, humanly it was not possible to handle the forces of nature. Nor were enough preparations enough to take on the loss of lives.  And now with the power plant disaster, we can only watch with hope and only hope alone that the worst is over. That the Japanese government and foreign aid could instill some sort of solution, remedies for the victims of this disaster. Tsukiji Market at 6am before the quake. Best sushi in the world.After the quake, the beginning of a long wait.Several hours later, still many people at the subway. I usually walk past it on the way back. Warmer that way. This was the day people could not go home, they camped all night there. Video:

The throngs of people, the crowds that did nothing to suggest hysterics or mania. This was how the Japanese handled their problems. 

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day folks. So happy for so many reasons.But yipeee my brother is visiting on Fri! Can't wait to bring him to all the best food places I know in Tpe.Currently feeling blessed and happy with my work. Thank you God!

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I like this poem from 非誠勿擾2.

This poem was read from the movie If You Are The One 2, 非誠勿擾2.I was rather moved by it. Meaningful!I like this movie, the sequel was commendable. The first one was hilarious and I am in awe of Director Feng Xiao Gang. Truly he is the chinese Woody Allen. He places you into the stream of consciousness. These dialogues within the story develop into the consciousness and thoughts of the characters but make you, the audience think.There are different ways of writing. Some stylistic ways other directors use can also be attractive. For eg. Mulholland Drive-- David Lynch. This is purely stylistic, but an artistic twist into it that also makes you, the audience rack your brain to find answers. Or Requiem For a Dream, Oldboy.All my favorite movies!Another movie that pulls you into the stream of consciousness is, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. The one with a lot of "ifs" and "maybes" with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy. When you deal with daily issues and question the idea of "love" as a realist, you force your audience to ponder along with you. It isn't another romantic "let's run away--live happily forever" sorta ending. Because life isn't filled with endings. Life is filled with beginnings and on goings. The fairytale can last you five minutes, five hours, five weeks, five months. But if we're pondering about being in love for 30, 40, or 50 years, we have to ponder much about how we may fall "out" of love. I suppose you and I have different ways to resolve it. An optimist may say, falling out of love isn't anything. Just a process of picking the bits up to fall back to love. A pessimist may say, Nah, new love is all warm and cuddly till it gets replaced by routine and habit. You gradually lose the excitement of that passion you first felt.If you and I use our own love to love others, we'll feel hurt, we'll feel envy, we'll feel that we're doing too much. But the untouchable perfect sort of love is the love that Jesus has for us. So, because He first loved us, using that love that He gave us, we put it in the center of our hearts.We put Jesus as the center, we will love others with the love He gives. Because Jesus is love. Having said that, heartbreaks and pain and envy will STILL exist, because of the human condition. Because we are not perfect, because others are not perfect.But if you have Jesus at the center, you are protected. The horrendous torture of going through life with a bleak hole in your heart will be replaced by a burst of warm comfort.你见,或者不见我 我就在那里 不悲不喜 你念,或者不念我 情就在那里 不来不去 你爱,或者不爱我 爱就在那里 不增不减 你跟,或者不跟我 我的手就在你手里 不舍不弃 来我的怀里 或者 让我住进你的心里 默然 相爱 寂静 欢喜  ---非誠勿擾2

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Liverpool rockin!

Liverpool , you rock!!!!!! I just got home after watching Liverpool and Chelsea go at it with a ton of LFC fans and boy am I in high spirits!!!!!The loss of Torres and his disheartening statements did a dampener on the fans but did not rob Liverpool of her win!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! You'll Never Walk Alone!

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Gong XI Fa Cai!

Gong Xi Fa Cai folks! Been a long while since I updated and boy, I feel that during this period I have grown up in many ways!Firstly, I am so thankful and happy to be able to do the best job of my life! And that is to make music and perform! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to meet the brilliant people around me and working with me! And the best thing is, It has been such an enriching and learning experience that I realized more and more about immersing myself entirely into the craft and embracing the different changes I had to make and adjust.Busy is an understatement, it is no longer a descriptive word. Busy is now my middle name!!!!! But good busy and disciplined busy is excellent busy! I have become a hermit though, because of my schedule, it has been tough trying to catch up with friends and other family. This Chinese New Year season is a short break from what I will have to deal with later!!! Ha![](/attachments/2011/02/05/15/42051_201102051539371.thumb.jpg)Guess who? She's my idol!!!!!!!! And I'm ecstatic to be working with her for this first album!

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