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Im happy, and I hope you are too:)

Tiring day but so extremely rewarding to work with my vocal coach. As a mentor, he has helped me to become better at refining my vocal technique and also to instill more confidence in exploring different styles and methods in singing. I'm very inspired.:) Can't tell you just how important it is to love your craft.  But in everything we do, it is intensely important to love what we do. I've been waking up everyday filled with excitement at the prospects of more music and more music.4.04 am. let me finish watching...Read more

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Like this song

I love the new song my producer Sandee just released. It's called I love You John. Sandee's exceptionally gifted. She's also very beautiful. Working with her is really an honor because I've always liked her work.I love You John doesn't actually refer to a person named John. It is actually a play on the words, "這樣". So everytime the lyrics go "John", it's a pun on the words "這樣". "這樣" means this way.Sandee explained that while she worked with other singers and younger kids, she not...Read more

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Hi friends.

Time flies. It's July 2011 right now, whoa. Can't believe how quickly days go by.:) Life has been exciting for me! And time does change people.  Hairstyles too, don't you think? We always look back on dated pictures and think OOPS in embarrassment. Ok, I meant more for me.This whole year has been surreal so far, I've learnt much and enjoyed this production process. I really feel like a newborn...Read more

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Im so secure with my Father looking after me.:) One of my favorites. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZNc92-SCMA&feature=related

One day I will never be afraid again.

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New hair.

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The quake that hit us in Tokyo. 11/3/2011

I was in Shinjuku when the quake happened. Earlier that morning around 6am, I went to Tsukiji Fish Market and I wanted to watch Kabuki after that, because the theater was near.  At around 11am-12 noon I reached back home to Shinjuku, at the hotel. While I slept, around 3 pm in the afternoon, the first signs of horror reared its horns.   There was an immense terrible shaking that woke me up. I was wondering about it because I was still half asleep. Then the words "earthquake", "tsunami" sank into m...Read more

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day folks. So happy for so many reasons.But yipeee my brother is visiting on Fri! Can't wait to bring him to all the best food places I know in Tpe.Currently feeling blessed and happy with my work. Thank you God!

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I like this poem from 非誠勿擾2.

This poem was read from the movie If You Are The One 2, 非誠勿擾2.I was rather moved by it. Meaningful!I like this movie, the sequel was commendable. The first one was hilarious and I am in awe of Director Feng Xiao Gang. Truly he is the chinese Woody Allen. He places you into the stream of consciousness. These dialogues within the story develop into the consciousness and thoughts of the characters but make you, the audience think.There are different ways of writing. Some stylistic ways other directors use can also be attractive. For...Read more

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Liverpool rockin!

Liverpool , you rock!!!!!! I just got home after watching Liverpool and Chelsea go at it with a ton of LFC fans and boy am I in high spirits!!!!!The loss of Torres and his disheartening statements did a dampener on the fans but did not rob Liverpool of her win!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! You'll Never Walk Alone!

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Gong XI Fa Cai!

Gong Xi Fa Cai folks! Been a long while since I updated and boy, I feel that during this period I have grown up in many ways!Firstly, I am so thankful and happy to be able to do the best job of my life! And that is to make music and perform! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to meet the brilliant people around me and working with me! And the best thing is, It has been such an enriching and learning experience that I realized more and more about immersing myself entirely into the craft and embracing the different changes I had to make an...Read more

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