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I love the new song my producer Sandee just released. It's called I love You John. Sandee's exceptionally gifted. She's also very beautiful. Working with her is really an honor because I've always liked her work.I love You John doesn't actually refer to a person named John. It is actually a play on the words, "這樣". So everytime the lyrics go "John", it's a pun on the words "這樣". "這樣" means this way.Sandee explained that while she worked with other singers and younger kids, she noticed a new jargon arising as a trend. People now pronounced "這樣" quicker, so it sounded like "John". I suppose it's also a taiwanese thing. It's also a distinct feature in Asia where certain English words are spoken like Mandarin due to a difference in accent. And "John" happened to be the other way. Chinese words that are altered to sound English. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zG4r7HQ5x0

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