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Hi friends.

Time flies. It's July 2011 right now, whoa. Can't believe how quickly days go by.:) Life has been exciting for me! And time does change people.  Hairstyles too, don't you think? We always look back on dated pictures and think OOPS in embarrassment. Ok, I meant more for me.This whole year has been surreal so far, I've learnt much and enjoyed this production process. I really feel like a newborn baby though, because in just a short while we'll unveil this record!Working with people who are great at what they do, extremely professional and dedicated gives me an all time high and a goal for more improvement. Not trying to be cheesy here, but it's really inspiring you know. You listen to this one bar someone plays out and then these other notes start poppin in. And the musical progression goes on. I love it. Really do.And all these began from a little dream and then it grew into a little seedling and finally we'll have a harvest of fruits soon. Some of the hardest things to do in life is to anticipate, to wait.I hope you guys have a smashing weekend. :)loveLyd

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