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I like this poem from 非誠勿擾2.

This poem was read from the movie If You Are The One 2, 非誠勿擾2.I was rather moved by it. Meaningful!I like this movie, the sequel was commendable. The first one was hilarious and I am in awe of Director Feng Xiao Gang. Truly he is the chinese Woody Allen. He places you into the stream of consciousness. These dialogues within the story develop into the consciousness and thoughts of the characters but make you, the audience think.There are different ways of writing. Some stylistic ways other directors use can also be attractive. For eg. Mulholland Drive-- David Lynch. This is purely stylistic, but an artistic twist into it that also makes you, the audience rack your brain to find answers. Or Requiem For a Dream, Oldboy.All my favorite movies!Another movie that pulls you into the stream of consciousness is, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. The one with a lot of "ifs" and "maybes" with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy. When you deal with daily issues and question the idea of "love" as a realist, you force your audience to ponder along with you. It isn't another romantic "let's run away--live happily forever" sorta ending. Because life isn't filled with endings. Life is filled with beginnings and on goings. The fairytale can last you five minutes, five hours, five weeks, five months. But if we're pondering about being in love for 30, 40, or 50 years, we have to ponder much about how we may fall "out" of love. I suppose you and I have different ways to resolve it. An optimist may say, falling out of love isn't anything. Just a process of picking the bits up to fall back to love. A pessimist may say, Nah, new love is all warm and cuddly till it gets replaced by routine and habit. You gradually lose the excitement of that passion you first felt.If you and I use our own love to love others, we'll feel hurt, we'll feel envy, we'll feel that we're doing too much. But the untouchable perfect sort of love is the love that Jesus has for us. So, because He first loved us, using that love that He gave us, we put it in the center of our hearts.We put Jesus as the center, we will love others with the love He gives. Because Jesus is love. Having said that, heartbreaks and pain and envy will STILL exist, because of the human condition. Because we are not perfect, because others are not perfect.But if you have Jesus at the center, you are protected. The horrendous torture of going through life with a bleak hole in your heart will be replaced by a burst of warm comfort.你见,或者不见我 我就在那里 不悲不喜 你念,或者不念我 情就在那里 不来不去 你爱,或者不爱我 爱就在那里 不增不减 你跟,或者不跟我 我的手就在你手里 不舍不弃 来我的怀里 或者 让我住进你的心里 默然 相爱 寂静 欢喜  ---非誠勿擾2

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