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1 mth baby cake card

Time flies...Jeremiah is turning 1 mth soon, and just last min sent in orders for cakes to be delivered to our respective work places. And here's the card! This really brings back memories of Stariel's card, so i digged out from archives here to show comparison...

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Permed hair

Was thinking of perming my hair after giving birth. Was reading tat those jap hairstyles use digital perms...?

Tried to find some pics to see, but didnt really find a lot of nice ones...here're a few

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Happy about my Piano student's Results :)

Just received online notification to check the ABRSM results.

And 2 of my private students who took the March practical piano exams got Merit and Distinction :)) Very happy for them.

The one who got Merit tot she's gonna fail according to wat the mum told me, she said she was very nervous...last time round also the same...in the end still got Merit...worried for nothing.

Piano results are as such: Distinction is the best, followed by Merit, then pass, then fail.

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Name Numerology

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Yes im literally confined after birth of Jeremiah, supposedly for 1 mth. But i'd just be counting till end of March even tho he's born in 2nd week of March...

Yesterday was feeling pretty depressed...i guess the main reason was becoz i was going mad cooped up at home. Fortunately or unfortunately, my 3rd wisdom tooth was giving me probs-it was biting my lower gums and tat hurts with every bite of food i take..

-----Jer boy cries for milk; feeding as im typing now------

So yest i Broke Confinement to go to the dentist ...Read more

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Jeremiah's chinese name

And daddy just went to the hospital to register Jeremiah's birth certificate.

His chinese name is Chen2 Yao4 Zheng4

Yao4-brilliant/bright       Zheng4-straight/upright.

Previously, my FIL asked a Suan Ming Shi (fengshui master kind) to work out some chinese name options...but most sounded weird and have not much meaning...

There's one which was Jian4 Cai2 (but the Cai2 is not fortune, it can be talent or coffin in chinese the latter word), ...Read more

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Jeremiah's delivery process~

It's been a week since Jeremiah's birth, and i think i betta pen down before i forget more...

On the 7th March Sunday, think i had a minor show. But still went out with Mr Cloudz to TM before i can't go out again for 1 mth. Usually work there, but this time took leave just days before delivery/EDD. Ate breakfast with Macs, and bumped into some of my students and parents...they must be wondering how come im there but not teaching...

At that time, i was having mild contractions, so i was deciding if ...Read more

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New born baby~

Jeremiah born on 8th Mar weighing 3.26 kg, 50cm long

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Signs of labour?

Had a bit of show this morning...for those who dunno..it's like blood spotting or more than tat.

Still went out for movie Alice in Wonderland, my 1st 3D show, and was having contractions during the show..

Now at Macs at the hospital having lunch...later will go up to Delivery Suite to check out status...

Today or tmr?

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Lost my handphone

Lost my handphone last nite 2nd March at TGIF, how ironic....

Called the restaurant like 4 times. Just now they called back and again say "No one reported loss".

Someone has obviously dishonestly took my hp and use. And it's a nice pink LG Viewty touchscreen phone.

Yesterday terminated the SIM card in it, to prevent misuse...now it's in my old Nokia N72 also pink phone being charged currently.

I'm pretty sure someone had taken it from TGIF. Yest i was so angry i was threatening to smear ...Read more

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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