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My playing of 《敗犬女王》 主题曲 piano version

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUYXDOiJ_rI My attempt at playing the opening theme of the popular Taiwanese series, 《敗犬女王》


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Slipped Discs

My dad was warded in a hospital for he can't walk. It's a perennial problem: whenever he walks there's a sharp pain. He said its either slipped discs or an impinched nerve...

And just yesterday Mr Cloudz suddenly came back from work in the afternoon saying his back hurts. And it's due to his old injury during National Service; injured his back real bad.....(tat was b4 i knew him). Went to the doc who jabbed him and gave him medicine/painkillers...might have to go for the MRI scan like my dad, and prob need an operation t...Read more

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A Good Husband

I'm very blessed to have found Mr Cloudz whois such a good husband. Kind to a fault (that i chide him so many times for being bullied by ppl, including on the road)...patient and bearing to my bad temper and impatience.

He's not a Catholic and yet he follows me to church dutifully and listens attentively to the readings and sermons by the priests. Something even many Catholics fall asleep to during church. I'm so proud of him and i gues...Read more

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My Rainy Days


My Rainy Days




This is an overdue review since the mov...Read more

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Finally got my spanking new GUCCI bag while browsing at the store. Previous trips didnt manage to find what i liked. Although fall season is out on display, but in the end still went for the classic range. Thanks to Mr Cloudz for the push pressie and coincidentally was on Mother's Day too. Hope u mothers out there enjoyed your day  

Anyway think i deserve this present coz allowance wise he gives to his mum since we're staying with his family. So i dun really spend much of his money since i pa...Read more

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Jo plays/sings for wedding videos


Some excerpts of my playing before/during wedding recorded by Mr Cloudz

Background music played before wedding to entertain guests:

First Love (Utada Hikaru)



I Believe (korean movie My Sassy Girl)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPg8B9z-D04<...Read more

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I broke down the 2nd time since this 2nd birth

im not so weida like other mothers. i'm going crazy due to insomnia after waking up to feed. It's not my baby's fault, but i can't go back to sleep immediately becoz i worry about things and sleeping noises and lack of space from my bed also keeps me awake.

I cried and told my in laws' i only slept 1.5 hrs.

I rather pay ppl than to lose my sleep...im not so weida. And i have a phobia of giving birth not becoz its painful, but becoz of losing my sleep. Yes im that pampered. Sle...Read more

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Have been bio-ing at Gucci handbags lately...since i have 1 LV, and 1 Coach, decide tat i should have 1 Gucci bag. And Mr Cloudz is buying for me for part of the push presents.

But after going 2 rounds at the Paragon and Taka retail stores, can't seem to find a design/colour that i really like...and the bad thing is they dun carry last season's stocks :( Then i wonder what do they do with it??? Destroy it like Chanel??? :O So wasteful...

Nevertheless, here're some designs which i find not bad, but the colour is not exactly w...Read more

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Realised watever i want to say is already in the statuses on my facebook...hope Peachey is not irritated by my constant update of statuses there heh

1) Jeremiah got his hepetitis B vaccination jab; in laws brought him  there while i looked after Stariel at home. MIL said he was 4.78kg. Stariel is not even over 10kg despite being 19 mths old. And the boy is 1 mth old only...[He's complaining angrily now as i type as he wants to be carried or fed AGAIN i think. ok he wanted attention]

2) Sold a stock coz hubby said there might be a cor...Read more

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New Hairstyle!

Can't believe im camwhoring my new hairstyle :P just got it dyed just now. Wanted blonde,but i guess the effect became a darker brown...looks different in the open from indoors the colour hues. Well, i guess i left my fate with the hairdresser D, who looked like a version of Luo Zi Xiang the Taiwanese singer/compere...

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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