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Tokyo Day 1 'live-feed'

11th Sept 2010: Yotsuya, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku

Arrived at Narita Airport Terminal 2 at 6 plus am Japan time. B4 tat was like watching the recently passed Sex &...Read more

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Ipad; Tokyo; boots

Mr Cloudz just bought an Ipad, yeah i can finally play my fav game on it. He was saying could prolly bring it to Tokyo to view maps etc if we got lost...wonder is there network there and how to connect in the 1st place?

And moi bought a spanking new pair of an unusual colour of boots, instead of the normal black. And was intending to wear this for the trip too!

As the trip is at the end of this week, gotta change money to Yen soon...any traveling tips/must-see/must-go/must-eat p...Read more

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Jer boy's 6-in-1; 313 Somerset

This morning just brought Jer boy for his 6-in-1 jab at 5 mths plus. He's 70cm, think 7.91kg. On the tall side according to nurse. Hope he doesnt get too cranky nor fever due to the jab.

Then changed his and our bed sheets and lowered his bed cot since he's able to prop himself up the edge of the bed...i was shocked when i saw that, super dangerous, no choice have to lower the bed.

After giving a make up lesson to a student, went for initially i wanted a body scrub and massage, but no milk scrub, so ...Read more

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Just Splurged on a Bling!

Was about to go home to teach my private students after dinner at Tampines Mall, then saw there was a sale at SK Jewellery (sister of Soo Kee, which happens to be holding my proposal ring's brand, Brilliant Rose). And i saw like a number of ppl inside due to the sales.

So was browsing the diamond rings, at 1st i saw quite good buys on 3 diamonds in a row rings, but im more interested in solitaires or with diamonds by the sides of the ring. So i asked the lady the prices for 1 carat solitaires, then something else caught ...Read more

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Stariel turns 2~!

My gal finally turns 2 today, however, daddy's in reservist, and im at my parents' place teaching. We'd celebrate for her tomorrow and bring her out somewhere to eat and play her favourite slides/swing. This year's so low key as compared to when she was 1 mth and 1 year old, where i threw parties for her.

On a side note, my dad should be discharged from hospital today after the heart surgery whereby they insert something he said 'balloon', to open up the arteries. Apparently his heart's not having enough ...Read more

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Finally going to Tokyo!

Yest at Marina Square CTC travel fair, was checking out Tokyo free & easy $600 plus for i think 3D2N? But after all the 'hidden costs' plus 1 night's extension, it ended up as $1.3k plus per pax for 4D3N for flight & accomm. They said jap hotels usually dun offer breakfast daily. It's alright, we can venture out and explore...

Initially wanted to go Melbourne, but ALL FLIGHTS FULLY BOOKED in the period of Sep- Hari Raya holiday that week. 

But nevermind, going Tokyo seems more exciting :)

<...Read more
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Wagyu beef early bdae dinner

Mr Cloudz's in for reservist on his actual birthday sadly, so i decided to treat him early b'dae dinner just now at Aburiya, since he was saying he wants wagyu beef. This time went to the other branch to try the quality stds. Seems ok only, doesn't beat the other one as online ppl says...

So he ordered wagyu variety                    ...Read more

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Officially an Artiste

Alright, some of u already know, but yes, i have officially turned an Artiste (9th Aug which happened to be my nation, Singapore's birthday), thx to Etchy and gang's help.

It's quite funny. After the change, do have some fellow Artistes checking my profile out and even said "Welcome to AnD" and one even asked "What took you so long to be an Artiste?", yeah i have been on this site for like 1000 over days at least...didnt check the exact no., but it's like donkey days. So, i have to explain, i ...Read more

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Guitar Heroes & Drumming session

Finally had my fix in guitar & drumming jamming at St Games with my usual kakis (gang), with 2 newbies joining us today, Liz (Wintersun) & Amy.  

Though the genre is not my normal music genre which i listen to, i just went along usually with the songs picked. This game mainly tests your rhythmic skills in music. Have to say it's pretty addictive. Have 'advanced' from Easy mode when i 1st started out, to Medium. Then now Medium's the norm, leading towards Hard mode. For guitar, the Hard mode...Read more

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Playing for wedding @ Four Seasons

Played for Yu Fen, the bride at Four Seasons Hotel during her lunch banquet today...here're some photos

At the grand piano

Read more

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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