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Stuffed at Marriott buffet dinner

er this is not my share alone ....heh

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Playing a familiar sounding old tune

Heard this song when i was a kid. But 're-lived' this song when an online fren frm here, Albert Cheng sent me this link with calm & beautiful pictorials

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWBvxgLaNEo So based on the above link, played by ear this old familiar sounding tune...here's my version

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBRVJFKbhNw<...Read more

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Belated birthday lunch with LIz

Just now had a nice time with Liz, my friend whom i met in my music school. She recently passed a driving test and kindly fetched me from my home to the lunch place. Safe and steady driver.

Had a set lunch while she ordered ala carte, but we shared.

Liz coffee & my tea

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My piano impromptu playings

Previous blog after having my belated birthday lunch with Liz (Wintersun), went to a music studio to just play some songs i play for fun. Haven't touch them in quite a bit. Anyway here they are. Thanks for listening~

1st easiest song out of the 4- Strangers in the Night which i first heard and played by ear when i was a kid.



2nd song to just add the numbers...Read more

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7 mths Jer boi pouncing on Ipad

Jeremiah turned 7 mths few days ago, now he really doesnt like to be left alone for too long. Especially on the walker, he'd show his displease and call out for ppl to carry him. He loves to bathe, like a water baby...there was once he was purposely splashing water out. I enjoy bathing him, provided he dun crawl out and touch the floor..

He can sit up by himself, stand up (last month) with support of adult's bed/cot, and he loves to pounce on our laptop/Ipad...which i think (suspect), left 2 scratch/crack marks...Read more

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Sweet kiss

Today after teaching the 1st lesson of a new class, a gal came up to me and said

 "teacher, I've got something for you." then suddenly

she gave me a kiss on my cheek. My heart melted...

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Birthday Eve 2010-'free F1 viewing' with bird's eye view

26th Sept Sun

Had to teach classes today and tmr, but after class went to walk at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes for my first time.


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Pls Vote

Hi friends, one of my friends on this site has been entered into a contest by Urban Decay, and if he wins, he'd finally get a proper working computer...Some of you should know him as Justice Vancho as an artiste here.

You can vote once per day, and be sure to check your email and click on the verification link to vote.

Currently he's only in 5th place. Here's the link to vote

http://www.urbandecaymanhunt.com/profile.asp?Profil...Read more

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Tokyo day 3

Day 3: Tsukiji Fish Mkt, Asukasa (Sensoji shrine), Akihabara (electronics), revisited Harajuku,

Tsukiji Fish market which has early tuna auction at 5am, but im just there to try their fresh sashimi and sushi

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Day 2 Tokyo

12th Sept (Sun): Today covered Ginza, Odaiba (Lady Liberty & Rainbow bridge) & Roppongi

Sore feet rested after 2nd day of non stop walking. Today's meals were good, better and BEST, had good views and stumbled upon the impressive building of Yamaha at Tokyo Ginza, issit fate? Mm...

Had brunch at hotel's Italian restaurant, funnily pizza tas...Read more

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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