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random: new moon, FB, Eee, Jeremiah

think havent spoken in here for a long time...

Yeah, finally watched New Moon during a sneak preview like some of you did. I found it far better than Twilight which was like some high school flick. At least the Volturi makes it a bit more interesting, though the highlights seem to be on Jacob turning into a wolf. Weird there's team Edward and team Jacob. For me, er, i dun think im team watever. But if forced to choose, i think vampires are maybe cooler than werewolves...tho if u remembered, in a nitemare, i rea...Read more

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Elevator (lounge/cool jazz)

Actually i dun really know how to categorize this music. Lounge music? sounds a bit old since it's modern and has beat, cool jazz/smooth jazz? dunno man...watever

But i really spent the most time on this, not becoz its the most difficult to play (quite the contrary), but its the programming that kills....had to record 1st layer with repetitive background sounds with the drum beat, then 2nd time play the various lead voices on top of the 1st layer. Again done on the Clavinova. Anyhow it was an experience, 1st one at ele...Read more

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Una Note Samba (version 2)

Think it's been sometime before i last did a recording of my piano playing.

This time, it's after the influence of jazz lessons im currently taking.

One Note Samba, has changed key, and added rhythm box (drums) and lead Spanish guitar sound...had to record twice. 1st: guitar melody line with the drums, then 2nd time playing the piano accompaniment on top of it-known as layering i guess...

Mr Cloudz said the ending was an anti-climax. Whatever...the teacher said to end it with an off beat rhythm.

...Read more
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Chang Hen Ge



Sammi Cheng        Tony Leung Ka-fai

Wang Qiyao               Mr Cheng


Daniel Wu

Kang Mingxun


(or rather the characters im more interested in...heh)Read more

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Friday the 13th

Guess today is like the direct opp of yesterday's good fortune.

It's Friday the 13th. Of course i'd choose not to believe in any nonsense. BUT just at midnight, Stariel was standing on our bed, and dunno how she suddenly just fell over and HIT HER HEAD AGAINST MY HEAD real hard.......

Daddy carried her, and she vomitted............gosh was so worried then. He wanted to bring her straight to the doctor's, but i said let's observe her 1st. So far till today, she seems to be normal...

Then 2nd bad thin...Read more

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Good Anomaly

Mm...very strange. Yest night i placed an order to sell a certain share at 1.24 for today's market opening. And very weird, someone bought my shares at 1.25 instead of my asking price.

Being the highest price of today is one thing, buying at an even higher price is another, strange to me; isnt it? i dunno...maybe those more knowledgeable can explain this weird anomaly. Unless the person keyed in wrongly? but still??? weird.

Anyhow one of my course instructor suddenly sent me an SMS of a very nice prayer which goes something l...Read more

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Spread Jennifer's Body

Watched 2 movies recently. Supposedly a guy and a gal hottie respectively.


Starring mainly Ashton Kutcher as a gigolo or a nicer term, Toy Boy. So he has no house nor car, but targets an older richer woman who owns a Merc and a big nice pad at LA. So he gets to live there and...Read more

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Detailed scan of my no. 2

Today was finally the detailed scan of my no. 2. It's 80-90% confirmed a boy. So my wish is granted, one boy one gal; ppl say forms the chinese character of Hao (good). Er, just to say, both are unplanned.

I was WORRIED SICK today after the scan. 1st scan, it took so long, especially at the heart part. I was like, why is she probing so hard and long to see the heart?? Then after so long, she referred me to a more senior personnel, who said the 1st one couldnt see the heart properly. I was like HUH??? I tot can see so man...Read more

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Jo plays Mambo

Few of u may remember im currently taking jazz lessons in the sch that i work in. Was telling my teacher i wanna try out Samba (tho i know a bit), but he showed me a Mambo piece instead. I was like, ok, try out something new.

So here's one of my practice sessions after 1 lesson which was last week, and it was my 1st try in a Mambo song. Have to say the off-beat bass is pretty challenging to grasp at 1st, now a bit better heh :p Middle part of the montunos u hear are my attempt at sight reading at the fast beat, coz i didnt know i w...Read more

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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