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When will i give birth?

As im typing, my boy in my tummy is actively moving! He's especially active, it kinda worries me slightly...he's supposed to be due next week, but there's a possibility of him coming out anytime.

Last week went to gynae, doc said im 1 cm dilated.

Today's my last day at work officially, but i'd be teaching my private students till this Friday if possible.

Went for drumming/guitar heroes session just now with my church friend and her colleague. As i was playing the guitar, could feel the boy m...Read more

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Stariel playing with daddy on CNY day

Stariel's playing "Ki Ki Liap" with daddy during visiting on CNY day...i only knew of the term "Ki ki liap" when i knew Mr Cloudz, otherwise never heard before this Hokkien phrase/game.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbWOuqiF4Ts

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Dancing Stariel after CNY Eve dinner

After the CNY eve dinner as in the photos (previous entry), saw Stariel dancing to the TV music, hence whipped out my camera and took her impromptu.

She was dancing her weird squatting dance motion (2nd kind of dance), but i preferred the other kind, think after 13 seconds...

Only managed to get her to do her Gong Xi Gong Xi hand gesture. She could say, but gotta coax her slowly...well well she's too pre-occupied with the sweets tat she didnt do a flying kiss for me heh

Alright...anyway she'...Read more

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Gynae visit @ 36 weeks & last jazz lesson

Went to gynae visit alone today as Mr Cloudz is in China, again...But no probs, got shuttle bus to hospital so ok.

So fast, this is prolly the 2nd last gynae visit before i give birth to Jeremiah.

Doctor checked, and i was 1cm dilated already! But she said shouldnt pop unless i feel my stomach tightening/pain. Boy is 2.8 kg heavy...and i tot he was over 3 kg since he's bigger sized as compared to Stariel.

Doc asked me if i want an Ox or Tiger boy, i said Tiger...Coz yeah Golden Tiger y...Read more

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Got this from Patrick's blog. If u dunno whois Patrick, he's the CEO of this AnD site...so go and find out who is he...

So this is a very bored thing to do, type your name in this urbandictionary.com and paste your results, and share with your friends...

Mine's below:



407 up, Read more

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My virgin attempt on singing & playing a jazz number

Have to say, it's not easy to sing & play piano at the same time...let alone a jazz number (which is worse in difficulty)...so this is my 1st attempt in doing so.

Here's a jazz bossanova number called How Insensitive (Antonio Carlos Jobim), and i found out online that it was actually inspired by my fav classical composer Frederic Chopin! Didnt know it was roughly based on his song called Prelude No. 4

Video: Read more

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Just blurted a LOT of stuff publicly on Facebook...think i must have said too much...

Like how my music sch pays the teachers and its inner workings...open grouses by teachers. Wonder how the upper ppl will react if they see this. Well well, its the truth, so....anyway they wun care about us since most imptly, they are profiting from the earnings that we are bringing in for them. But then all companies are the same isnt it? Owners win.

And how i grow horns on the road...actively doing things to get slow drivers out of my way when on the...Read more

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Resorts World opened in Singapore


Weird that i'd put this up...but since its like the upcoming attraction making some hoohah (whether gd or bad), guess can know more about it. Since it contains a Universal Studio, casino, 6 hotels etc...1st of its kind in Singapore whereby entertainment is rather pathetic...

And yeah, i bought some shares in this bledy thing and lately the share price has bee...Read more

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Updates on 2nd one

Realised i haven't really update on my gynae visits on the 2nd one. Today's prolly the 2nd last visit before i pop, so FAST......!

Altho it's said that i'd be giving birth ard mid Mar, but becoz boy is big, dunno if may come out earlier this time...im thinking if i should tell my sch and pte students tat i would stop teaching from March onwards or otherwise...

Baby's ard 1.5 kg or more, doc said he's on the heavy side...@ 31 weeks.

Pretty active in terms of movement and yeps can feel his hicc...Read more

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No one aids molested 'gal' @ Countdown party

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtIR-Xgx5do

Just saw this on Yahoo news after checking my emails...a bikini clad gal, was apparently openly groped at Sentosa island during the countdown party, and onlookers never helped her. Instead they took video of the incident.

The most shocking part, one claims she's a "he" on the youtube video comment...omigosh...

I had a bad experience b4 during coun...Read more

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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